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Every day ride-hailing companies introducing a new feature in these apps. One such uber clone feature is the auto toll calculation. If you want to know how the auto toll fare is calculated in the uber clone, then read on.

Most of us are not even aware of toll calculation. It basically charged when a vehicle travels through a bridge, tunnel, highways, and airports. When the vehicle you are riding in is asked to pay the toll, then this amount automatically gets added to your trip fare. In case your trip requires a driver to travel beyond the limits of the city, then you will need to pay for those extra tolls in case the driver has to return after you reach the destination.

Remember this fact that the toll charge added to the trip fare may not always be the same as paid by the driver. There might be some sort of variations depending on the commercial rates and the different toll roads. Due to such fluctuations in the toll prices as set by the cities, the charges estimated and reflected in the bare minimum charges through the Uber clone app.

But before we delve into understanding the system of auto toll calculation, let us understand why Uber emerged as such a popular app and how its clones too entered the market.

Uber and Uber clones

Uber entered the market as a shy teenager but has today become the big daddy. It has evolved into an industry whale. When Uber was launched initially, it had its own flaws. People weren’t comfortable in relying on an app for their taxi requirements, however, today, with the onset of the digital era, more and more people are becoming comfortable in handling such apps.

The initial resistance of the market was purely based on the fact that there weren’t too many apps then. People were still getting used to how the market works using websites and WebPages. With the introduction of apps, people were skeptical about downloading an item in their phones permanently.

However, when the pros outweighed the cons and people realized how tremendously useful these apps were, there was no looking back. What started in one city in the United States of America, slowly become a transportation revolution and covered the entire globe.

If Uber was being so successful, how far could others be? Business ideas are like little seeds. Once they find the right soil and the right moisture, they can germinate into something far more important and a beautiful tree of success and prosperity.

This idea led to many other companies wanting to start their own business using an app. What’s more, it even made existing taxi companies wanting to take their services to a digital platform. But how could they do it? Where would they find such applications?

There are two basic ways in which anyone interested can have their own apps

Building their own apps

If the taxi company requires to have their own application they can hire developers and get them to build their app from scratch. This process may be a little time consuming but will deliver the app just as you would want. Building an app from scratch requires some amount of patience and money. It is a more expensive option, however; it will certainly deliver the app in the exact state that you want.

Buying an uber clone application

Since Uber has been such a great application and a powerful and popular one, many different companies have successfully cloned its source code. Since the app is already ready, it hardly takes about 3 to 4 days to ready the application and to launch it on the app stores. This method is quite cheap as compared to the other method. What’s more, since the app can be launched faster, you can start making money on it almost instantly.

Now that we know about the application, let’s try to understand what the auto toll calculation feature does.

uber clone feature Toll calculation system

You will be happy to know now that confusion of calculating tolls solved just simple click on Uber clone.

Let me inform you that the apps have now come up with an inbuilt toll calculator where you just need to put the pickup and destination and accordingly everything calculated.

API of a USA Transport company has used to fetch the Tolls between the 2 points. One of the advance uber clone feature called “Toll Calculation” that help in calculating the costs. This helps in supporting all the different vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks and much more.

It is said that the toll calculator here to calculate different toll costs across any routes based in the US. It also helps in providing alternate routes so that you are able to finalize the most optimal route. You also get to have a glance at the other detailed toll information such as transponders, different modes of payments.


Hence, this Uber Clone is now considered to be the most innovative and fast-growing feature that has been helping all the drivers to make smarter decisions.

Smart Uber clone feature, there is only one place where you can get your app from. That is V3cube. They are the only developers who have integrated this feature into their app.