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The taxi business is huge and thriving, thanks to the best uber clone Nigeria.  It is the one mode of commuting that is essential in all the major cities. It provides easy and accessible transportation to all those who have no means of commuting. Cabs have become a great way of commuting, be it taking people to and from work, schools, shopping, airports etc. For

With the advent of smart technology, this industry has also modernized in Nigeria. The country is now home to many on demand taxi apps that have been developed just for their purposes. In fact, the local yellow taxi service is now suffering losses, thanks to the smart concept of e-hailing.

uber clone

Why the popularity?

Uber has practically reinvented the wheel. No one ever thought that taxis can be hailed in this way before Uber introduced this concept. There was initial inertia amongst the people toward using an application to hail a ride, however, these days the battle is over.

The first and most natural step of everyone is to ensure that they have a taxi app downloaded on their mobile phones so that they can quickly hire a ride whenever they want it. You will hardly come across someone who is used to travel a lot but doesn’t have an application.

As more and more people in the world are becoming dependent on technology for all their requirements, the trend is shifting towards being digitally independent. The applications such as taxi have become a convenient thing to have on the phones. This is probably the biggest reason for its growing popularity.

The Major Taxi Uber Clone Nigeria

So great is the demand for on demand taxis that there are many apps that have been developed to meet that demand, namely,

  • Oga
  • Taxify
  • MyCabman
  • Afro
  • Ryno
  • Drop
  • Enugu
  • Holla Cab
  • Red Cab
  • Smart Cab

The above list shows how lucrative the taxi industry is in Nigeria.

Launch Your Own Uber Clone Nigeria

Looking at the above list, you can see that you too can get an app similar to those for your taxi business.  All you need to do is look for a developer who has an uber clone app for sale. Alternatively, you can get one developed too according to your specifications. Whatever your decision you need to ensure that the following features are available on your app.

  • A complete branded and white labeled solution
  • Free installation, configuration, and launch on your server
  • A free edition of the Nigerian language & Currency of your choice
  • Login via Google, Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Internal chat facility between rider and driver
  • Security features like SOS Button
  • Free license for a website, Android, and iPhone

taxi app solution

Is it a profitable thing to start your own taxi business based on an app?

The world is rapidly developing in terms o technology. This is why it only makes sense that your shift your businesses towards the digital. A few years back, people would rely on websites for just about anything, but now, things are changing. Everything is moving towards mobile apps.

Apps are very convenient. They can be loaded on to your handsets and can be accessed at any point in time. They don’t need a lot of bandwidth and therefore they can be accessed even with a poor network connection.

It is truly the definition of on demand. The instant you want something, you use the application to book it and it arrives. So basically an application gives you the power of getting whatever service you want instantly.

Buying an Uber clone app Nigeria

Although there are many uber clone applications available in the market, which one do you think is the right one for you? You can choose to build your own app from scratch, however, that may end up being a very capital hungry and time-intensive process.

The best thing to do is to buy an Uber clone application. You can look for an Uber clone taxi app by searching it on any popular search engine. You will get a list of different companies that offer these apps.

Make sure that you narrow down your search to the top 4 to 5 companies because if they are ranking so high, it naturally means that they are better than the rest and the clone that they give you is better than the ones that the others will give you.

Now, once you do select or shortlist the top 5 or so companies, start researching their app. conduct a thorough trial of their application and take a demo. Once you do that, you can gauge exactly what is being offered by whom.

If the company doesn’t offer a demo then you know that they don’t have the product ready and that it will take a lot of time in order to make sure that your app is up and running. So, take a live demo and get an idea of how your app should really be.

Now that you know what you require to start your hunt for the most reputed developer, who will give you an app that will stand out amongst the list above and give them a run for their money. Make sure you have all the best features that they have and add a few of your own so that your app becomes unique and can easily compete with them. The time to launch your on demand taxi business using the best uber clone Nigeria is now, so don’t wait till it’s too late.