Dog And Owner Walking

Nowadays with job cuts and dropping economies in many countries people are being made redundant. Some never get on the employment ladder at all, due to the fact that there are no jobs & have retired. Some have not had the privilege of higher education and hence cannot actively compete for jobs. All these people are looking for a way to earn a living because times are hard and we all have bills to pay. For all these people, there is a glimmer of light so that they can earn and have a comfortable life. This glimmer of light is, uber for dog walkers.

uber for dog walkers

What is the on demand dog walking app?

This app is an on demand service app which facilitates dog walking for pet owners who cannot walk their pet for any reason. Anyone can launch this business and can earn revenue based on the number of pet walking services that are book through the app.

How to go about starting an on demand dog walking business?

If you are interested in starting your own dog walking venture than the first step for you is to get an app that can enable dog walkers to register their services, book dog walking appointments, and track the clients and the dog walkers. The app should be brilliantly designed such that as the owner you have little to do and therefore can focus your energies on expanding your dog walking business.

Potential clients

If you are worries about who will use your services than the list are below the types of pet owners who are desperately looking for your services.

  • Professionals with very unpredictable working hours
  • Disabled pet owners
  • Single parents who are torn between their dual responsibility of a pet and their children
  • Pet owners who want to take a rain check on walking their pets now and again.
  • Sick pet owners who are unable to walk their dog as they are too ill to get out of bed.

uber for dog walkers

Features of the uber for dog walkers app

  • You want to start your business and customized app in your preferable language and currency.
  • Option of payment by cash, card or wallet
  • In built real time tracking feature
  • In built geo location feature
  • You can launch anywhere in the world.
  • Available in R2L languages like Hebrew, Urdu, Arabic, Persian etc

The business that is going places

The world of on demand is growing bigger by the day. It provides excellent opportunities to people from all backgrounds across the globe to make a lucrative living. It is the ideal venture for anyone who wants to start a small scale business and move upwards, one step at a time, that too with little or almost no investment.

Go and get the uber for dog walkers today and start the business of the millennium.