inDriver Clone App

Have you been searching for a novel on-demand business idea that enables you to establish yourself quickly while also making a big profit? These days, services like Uber, taxi booking, and package delivery are increasingly popular. By combining these two services, you can become instantly wealthy. These two well-known businesses are included in inDriver Clone App, allowing you to begin your online business quickly and from anywhere.

InDriver Clone App – Brief Explaining

An easy-to-use tool that enables real-time taxi and package booking is the inDriver clone script.

The inDriver Clone App maintains your company one step ahead of the competition thanks to its upgraded features and capabilities.

It has been increasingly popular among business owners looking for a low-risk entry into the on-demand industry thanks to its high-tech features, functions, and simple navigation.

You may provide your consumers the convenience of booking and ordering taxis, as well as quick and easy product delivery, with an inDriver app clone. This Ride with Parcel Delivery App is a “launch-ready solution” because of its distinctive appearance!

Yes! We can deploy the app from your servers with your logo and brand name once you purchase the inDriver App Clone in roughly four to five business days. This is your opportunity to position yourself as a market leader for on-demand delivery.

inDriver Clone App Workflow

Users have the option of taking a taxi or having their packages deliver by an Uber taxi with the inDriver Clone App.

We combined the ideas of the Uber Taxi and Parcel Delivery services to create the Delivery With Taxi App, which provides ride and package delivery services.

  • After the user downloads the app, it will prompt them to sign up or log in using their email address, phone number, or social media account.
  • Once logged in, the user can create a profile by entering some basic information.
  • Additionally, this profile includes credit card information for quick payments after the ride or delivery is complete.
  • The user will now select the “Ride now” option to book the ride, which includes a booking workflow identical to Uber Clone Taxi Application if they wish to hire a taxi.
  • If a user wishes to send a parcel, package, document, or other items, he will select the “Delivery” option, which offers a variety of vehicle alternatives, including a bike, car, truck, bicycle, and more. Numerous vehicles are park in a line, with information about their delivery services visible. The function describes the kind of vehicle that will be appropriate to convey your package safely.
  • The user then enters the pickup and drop-off location information. Drivers in the area are alert, and the user is notified by the driver who decides to make the delivery.
  • The package is delivered by the delivery driver, who shows up at the designate pickup time and ends the delivery after the job is finished.
  • Payment is automatically taken from the credit card provide at the beginning once the delivery is delivered.
  • It requests ratings, comments, and the creation of invoices.

Features that V3Cube Offers For Free With Its inDriver Clone App


This app will be customize as per your business requirements bearing your company logo, and color themes accordingly. Thus you will be able to brand it under your name and establish your business.

Installation of the apps

The configuration, uploading, and installation of the code, databases, and web services on online web servers, Google/Android Play Stores, and Apple/iOS App Stores are all done by us at no extra charge.

Customizable licensed source-code

It’s completely likely that in the future, you’ll wish to change your app. For this reason, we provide you with the licensed source code for your open-source program. This implies that you may always hire a skilled developer to handle the adjustments on your end.

You get a lifetime license

You get one free lifetime license/one domain from V3Cube.

Play Store/App Store approvals

In every technical aspect, our app is very good. To ensure that your apps are accept by iTunes and Google Play Stores, we guarantee it to you. We fully accept responsibility for any technical problems. We’ll make sure that your apps can be release on these stores with confidence.

The app has responsive web-panels

Our designers’ web panels are completely responsive. All three of the apps—the main website, the client app, and the service provider app—are incredibly responsive. Because of its exceptional responsiveness, this app works flawlessly on a wide range of gadgets, including PCs, tablets, Android phones, iPhones and iPads, and Windows and Blackberry phones, among others.


Final Thoughts

You may be aware that the well-known American startup inDriver App provides on-demand taxi booking services in addition to other services. Due to its success, many investors and business owners have developed a curiosity in learning more, and V3Cube’s opportune introduction of its inDriver’s Clone App portends a rise in competing companies.

The app performs better than inDriver in every way because of its most recent features. It includes the ability to order a taxi through an iWatch app, location-based push notifications, OTP authentication to start a task, restrictions on driver fraud, delivery drivers with assistants, live tracking, ride cancellation, face mask verification, and more.