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The word foodie has now got a new definition. Previously a foodie was known as a person who loves to wine and dine in gourmet restaurants. Today the same term has a totally new definition – a person for who the world of eating and food is everything related to food, whether it is shopping for, preparing it, smell and texture, how it tastes and even how it is ordered. Yes, you are reading it right – the way food is ordered has given rise to a new category of foodies called smart foodies who use smart technology, namely food delivery app like uber, to order the food that is going to delight their taste buds.

The Era of Digital Food Orders

Today we are living in an era whereby you can order food from your choice of restaurants just by clicking on your smartphone. The concept of smart food ordering was actually born from the Uber on-demand taxi business. This not only revolutionized the taxi industry, but it also set a new trend such that everyone is now looking for on-demand services, be it taxis or food.

Why is Uber for Food Delivery App so Popular

Today everyone is busy with their hectic professional lives, leaving little or no time for cooking. It is therefore very easy for all these people to just tap on the app, order the food they want to eat from a choice of restaurants. They deliver food conveniently within minutes, leaving you happy, relaxed and content at the end of the meal. This hassle-free way of ordering food means there is no washing up afterward!

On-demand food delivery app provides a convenient and user-friendly platform for both foodies and restaurant owners. With the invention of these apps, restaurant owners have also seen a rise in sales as people like the idea of getting a takeaway delivery to their homes, rather than going to eat at the restaurant after their hectic day.

What is the basic flow of the app?

In order to use a food delivery application, the user has to first download the app and register into the application. The User can log in using their social media account like Facebook and Google account or they can register using a new ID by filling in the details of their email ID and phone number.

Now, every time they want to order the food they can simply open the application and get a list of all the different restaurants that serve food in that area. They can then go through the menu o the application and select the items that they want to eat.

After this, they can add this to their cart. Once in their cart, the User can place the order by selecting the confirm button. The user can choose the method of payment. They can either pay using Cash/ Card or In-App Wallet.

Then the driver is allotted from the app to go and make a pick up for the food item. The driver confirms the order number; the order items and picks it up from the restaurant. Then he marks on the app as items collected.

As he makes his way to the delivery destination, the User can see his whereabouts in the map. Now the user can exactly know how far his food has reached. They can even call the driver to give them any special instructions. The user can also send a text message to the driver about special instructions.

Then when the food arrives, the map shows him that the driver has arrived with the food parcel. On delivering the items the driver marks on the app as Food delivered. At this point, the driver, as well as the customer, can review and rate each other.

Tipping is a very important thing in the food business as well as in the taxi business. This is why the apps also allow the customers to tip the delivery driver as a token of their appreciation for giving them food. The driver and the customer can both rate and review the restaurant on their behavior, quality of food, etc.

The flow of the application remains the same across the board for all different food delivery applications. So, if you have been thinking about starting your own Uber clone application, then it might be a great idea to buy a food delivery clone app.

Invest in Food Delivery App like Uber for Your Restaurant

If you are a restaurant, cafeteria or club owner then this app is the perfect solution to increase your sales. The app not only does away with your restaurant computer system, but it also has the following features which will ease your work.

  • An easy way of placing orders
  • The easy and automated payment system
  • An attractive food menu with pictures of mouth-watering delicacies
  • Push notifications to increase return on investments
  • Location-based deals to attract more customers

UberEATS clone is the perfect app for not only boosting sales but also save a lot of time and money. By introducing lucrative offers to your customers regularly you can easily boost the revenue of your fast food business.

If you are seriously intending to invest in UberEATS clone then look for developers who have expertise in designing app. They will provide a beginning to end service to launch your app such that it gives you maximum returns. Get your food delivery app like uber and provide a five-star service to your clients.