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Today, to stay ahead in world of business, you need to understand and analyse needs of your customers.

So, the question worth asking is how do you gain greater customer outreach? The answer is, today almost seventy percent people all over the world operate through a mobile app or on-demand app.

So, the best way you would gain the greatest customer outreach would be through the medium of an on-demand app. 

If statistical figures are to be believed, according to Statista, current mobile app revenue is around 365 billion dollars. By 2023, it would generate revenues close to 935 billion dollars through methods like paid apps and in-app advertising. 

So, the next question that is worth asking is what are the reasons for the popularity of a mobile app?

To answer this question, we have listed the reasons below. 

Reasons for Popularity of On Demand App On itunes and google play store

  1. Help business streamline daily operational activities like keep track of activities of service providers, customers
  2. Examine ways to update current services
  3. Assists service provider automate daily organizational activities like managing appointments, keep track of earnings, and so on and so forth
  4.  Eases customer get a library view of all the items and choose the item in a faster manner
  5. Helps customer receive quick delivery of desired goods or services as per convenient time and date without need to step out of houses

So, through all these reasons mentioned above, mobile apps have gained immense popularity among customers, businesses and service providers. 

However, one important thing worth remembering is follow some important steps while publishing app on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store respectively so it does not get rejected and gains greatest customer outreach.

Some of these steps are listed below. 

Steps to Follow While Publishing On-Demand App on itunes and google play store

Setup Your Developer Account

The first step before you publish your app on  the respective app stores – Google and iTunes is by setting up your developer account. For Google Play you pay a one-time fee around 25 dollars and for iTunes around 99 dollars annually. 

Build Icon for App

Once you create your developer account, the next step is build an icon for your app which you optimize as per device type. This would prevent screens from looking too big or too small, so as to say. 


For every screen of your app, you need to ensure that you keep screenshots of the same. So, for iPhone or iPad, make sure you keep over five screenshots and for Google Play Store, keep around two to eight screenshots. 

Maintain a Description

For the app you publish on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store respectively make sure to keep a description. So, for iTunes, keep one description, while for Play Store keep one short as well as long description. 

So, make sure to follow these steps while publishing your on-demand app on the iTunes and Google Play Store respectively and see yourself gaining the maximum customer outreach  in the shortest amount of time.