valet parking

Innovation is key to change, a saying that goes true especially for uncountable number of businesses that you may be seeing in market today.

Today, courtesy technological innovations and innovative thoughts, one can find a large number of on-demand service industries, out of which one that has gone on to capture the attention of entrepreneurs all around the world, is the on-demand valet parking services.

Especially after the creation of Luxe App in 2013, the smart parking industry has become a billion dollar industry.

According to a report on Research and Markets, the smart parking market is predicted to make revenues of around 7.6 billion dollars by 2025 approximately at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of around 18.3 percent. 

These figures are enough to suggest the immense potential of on-demand valet parking services on a whole. Especially after a report by the Harvard Business Reports that suggested the on-demand economy has a strength of around 22.4 million consumers spread all over the world who spend approximately 57.6 billion dollars on it. 

This goes on to suggest that why the valet parking services have also adopted the on-demand service model

An app that made this valet parking services on-demand was Luxe that came into creation in the year 2013. 

Let us understand a little about this valet service provider solution in detail. 

Luxe App – Valet Parking Services Solution

Luxe App was launched in 2013 by 5ecret 5tar Inc. Also worth mentioning is that it is hailed as a leading service solution in on-demand valet parking at most market-friendly rates. 

Some of the other services provided by this solution include –

  • Car Park, Car Wash, Car Servicing, Car Driven Back Home

Along with delivering the services mentioned above, the solution also works in a very smooth and efficient manner. 

All that the customer needs to do is enter the app and add their location. As soon as they do this, a valet would reach that location immediately to have their vehicle parked for them. The valet would also make sure to have the vehicle washed as well as fuelled before they leave. 

All these have made this solution all the more popular among the smart parking market. Also, it has motivated new and budding entrepreneurs to adopt the Luxe app clone for their on-demand valet parking services industry. 

So, the question arising is what are the unique characteristics of the solution that led to budding entrepreneurs adopting it?

To answer the same, we have listed the attributes below. 

Unique Characteristics of Luxe App Clone

  1. Order Management to help business keep track of the services provided by them. Also it includes the service list, mode of payment, etc.
  2. Valet Service Provider App to help the service provider keep track of all the services provided by them. Also assist in updating them (if necessary along with respective charge) and so on and so forth
  3. Location Management to help the valet service provider and the vehicle owner know the whereabouts of each other
  4. Notifications to let the customer and service provider know change in schedule, service related information, and so on and so forth 

So, adopt the Luxe App Clone for your on-demand valet parking services industry. This will help you build a profitable and powerful parking industry for your customers.