Telemedicine Apps

A very old quote goes, Health is Wealth and so true the saying is indeed. One cannot even dream of their day going by in a smooth manner especially if their health is not in the perfect condition. However it is not easy either to get an appointment smoothly with a medical professional. Therefore, to help the patient get treated fast as well as smooth, the telemedicine apps stepped into the limelight so as to say.

So what do you mean by a telemedicine app.

Meaning of Telemedicine App

A telemedicine app is basically defined as a solution that helps patients get health services at the right time by getting a smooth appointment from medical professionals at any hour of the day or the night and thereafter receive smooth services from them thereafter improving the overall health service. Also, the presence of the solution enhances public health and people’s education in relation to health.

Usefulness of Telemedicine App

With the presence of this solution, the global telemedicine market has become a billion dollar market and is predicted to remain so in years to come as well. According to reports, the global telemedicine market is expected to generate revenue close to 113.1 billion dollars by 2025 approximately. This is majorly due to the presence of the telemedicine apps.

So here are some unique attributes present in the solution that makes the industry so profitable and popular after all.

Unique Attributes of Telemedicine Apps

Video Consultation

Using this feature, the patients can have a one-on-one conversation with the medical professional through the means of a video call and thereafter discuss their health conditions with them.

Organize and Track Health Information

This is another unique feature that makes the app so popular after all. With the help of this feature, the patient can keep a check on the medical records submitted by them and know the medicines they need to take at what hour.

Upload Prescription

Another useful feature of the telemedicine app, the upload prescription feature enables the patient to seamlessly upload their prescription to the app through their gallery or take a picture of the same through their camera and thereafter have them purchased.

All these attributes in turn have gone on to make the telemedicine app a very useful as well as profitable solution on a whole and thereafter led to the healthcare industry adopting the solution to improve their services on a whole.

Already the solution is making headlines in terms of quality healthcare services and is going to help the industry reach the billion dollar mark by 2025. So you can understand that it is a promising solution on a whole.

So here’s a list of the top telemedicine apps that will surely revolutionize the healthcare industry in 2020.

Revolutionary Telemedicine Apps


Nutrimedy is a telemedicine app that assists patients get connected to dieticians nearby and get nutritional information from them.


Using SnapMD, patients can get connected to pediatric physicians nearby along with assisting the medical practitioner to keep a record of the visits made by them, and so on and so forth.


Today mental health is a very popular topic and everyone places a very strong importance on mental health. Thus to make sure that patients get help at any time from qualified psychologists, Psyalive has come into the limelight. Utilizing this, the patient can do a video call with the psychologist and communicate seamlessly with them in full confidentiality. So, this year make sure you have these apps in your smartphone and iPhone respectively and see yourself becoming healthy and fit in a lightning speed.