pizza delivery app

The need for on demand food delivery app is rising by the day as more and more people are joining the crowd of ordering takeaways, simply because of the lack of time to cook. Moreover, the art of cooking is slowly diminishing over the coming generations. Only the passionate ones want to cook. Whatever the reason for ordering a takeaway, the restaurant delivery app is a blessing for all these people and therefore more and more startups are focused on food delivery because it is the one necessity that will be required wherever you are.

If you are a serious contender of the food delivery startup, then it is important that you know what features required for your app to run smoothly and provide an A class customer service.

Let’s look at each component of on demand food delivery app in detail.

restaurant delivery app

Customer app features

  •  The customer should be able to register directly with the app
  •  Customers should be able to register their mode of payment as well their card details directly from the app
  • The user should be able to order food from any eatery listed on the app that is in the nearby vicinity.
  • The user has the facility to select the pickup and drop off location on the app.
  • The cost of the order should be displayed and the payment is automatically done when the order has been delivered.
  • A user should be able to track his food delivery as it makes its way to its destination
  • The payment should be automatically deducted on the delivery of the food package, with the invoice being sent to the user’s email address as well as the restaurant/sender’s email address.
  • The option to add multiple cards should also be available
  • The facility to check previous order history should also be there
  • Customers should be able to rate and review the restaurant service and food as well as the overall experience.

on demand food delivery app

The delivery/courier features

Delivery persons should be able to register their services directly with the on demand food delivery app. Restaurant owner will approve them.

The delivery person should have the facility to accept or decline a delivery request. If the deliverer is not available or is already filled with deliveries at least. He or she should get an option to do the job.

The delivery person should be able to check out the pickup and drop off point. Through the deliverer app, the delivery person can track the directions from the pickup point until the drop off location at the same time.

They should have the facility to update his status i.e. accept/reject the booking, order pickup, order delivered etc. It depends on the delivery person; if the pickup and drop off location are at his or her way then the delivery person can accept the request or else not.

The courier should have the facility to check his booking history in any particular order, including the declined ones too. This option is helpful for the delivery person as more numbers of request rejections can make their profile bad. From here, they can easily track their request accept as well as rejection list.

Restaurant/App Owner features

  • A smart web admin panel that will allow him to view incoming orders. As well as the delivery person assigned for the delivery of that order
  • The order should only place once a delivery person jas confirm the delivery job request
  • Facility to amend/add i.e. register new delivery persons, update menu items etc
  • Once payments have made, the portal should be able to generate an invoice and send it as a message to the client.
  • View ratings and reviews by customers

Now that you are fully equipped with what is required in an on demand food delivery app like uber, isn’t it time you got cracking and started your search for a developer who will give you the app that you want for your food business? Start the business that will thrive wherever you are in the world!