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Grocery Store delivery app has become the recent rage in the app based business market. Considering how the lives of the people have become very fast and people prefer getting things delivered to their doorstep on demand, it is only fair that more and more apps that facilitate it comes to the fore.

The business is promising and is certain to attract a lot of patronage from the people. The beauty of a platform such as this is that it brings products for the customers’ right at their doorstep at cost effective prices.  The sellers also benefit because online availability gives them a better business. On the whole, it can be said that all parties that are involved enjoy the benefits of having a seamless digital platform to work on.

grocery store delivery app

But it has an app enough? Not really. There are lots of things from the design perspective of the application that we must be very careful about. Unless we take care of that there’s hardly any way we can be successful. Sometimes it’s easy to learn from the mistakes of others.

Let’s take a look at some of the worst mistakes people have made in the design and UI of the on-demand grocery store delivery app.

Log in Design

So these days, social media is a big thing. People rely on their social media handles for just about anything and everything. Now, if you want your users to be able to use your app in a faster and better way, you have to give them the option of being able to log in easily and fast.

This can be done by enabling them to log in using any of their social media IDs such as Facebook, Twitter etc. However, make sure that when you give the users this option, it doesn’t look like you are trying to get them to SHARE the purchase. It has to be very evident that it is a LOGIN option.

Product View

A grocery app will definitely have different grocery stores that are putting their items available for sale. The app design has to be beautiful and seamless. The app is a doorway for the people to go through and choose the best possible items for their personal use.

Make sure that your design doesn’t conflict with the way the app looks. Your app has to give a clear view of the items so that one can be absolutely certain that they know exactly what they are buying. A simple background where the showcased product is highlighted is the right way to go.

Intuitive design flow of Grocery store delivery app

An app has to have a flow. It should not be too hard to comprehend. One step should naturally lead to the next step. If moving from one point to the next point is too difficult, then no one will use your application. The app has to be navigable. So, when you click on one button, you don’t have to look for the other button.

The success of any app key is the user interface. You can have a fantastic marketing plan and yet fail miserably if your app is not intuitive. Even if your user downloads the app and finds it inconvenient, they’ll just switch to another app by deleting your app.

Make it attractive

grocery shopping delivery app

The app has to be an attractive one. The design has to be so lucrative that your customers like using it. The app has to be such that it invites people to use it. But more so, it has to be very professional. Unless the whole concept of your on demand grocery store delivery app is quirky (which doesn’t sound too right), you must ensure that the colors and symbols used on the site are all very professional.

Colors play a very important role in psychology. Make sure that you pay attention to what kind of colors you use such that it invokes in your users a sense of reassurance, confidence and a need to buy the products listed.