On Demand Moving App

An app which is gaining speed in the world of services to your doorstep is the On demand moving app. This app has made the task of the relocation of house or offices easy with a touch of a button.

There are a few more apps, which are available in the market. Which makes the task of relocation or moving very easy via the help of vetted and professional packers and movers. Whether it is your home or your office that you intend to relocate all you have to do is to download the app. And fill in the basic details like whether the move is residential or commercial. The date you plan to relocate, state whether it’s local or to different town or city and the correct pin code or zip code of the location. If it is a full house that one plans to move then the approximate number of big and heavy items should be provided to the estimated cost via the app.

About On Demand Moving App

Once the day is finalized via the app through the mail or message confirmation the professional packers. Movers will reach your location and will get on with what they are good at. They will pack the stuff or goods neatly and carefully labeling the boxes or the necessary packing required and will load it onto the truck or van as pre-decided.

Upon reaching the destination. They will offload all the items from the truck and place the items on their respective floors or rooms as preceding. For security and safety reasons, the app provides the tracking facility of your goods via the app. The moving goods and the transport vehicle both processed through license and insurance via the support of the app.

The best part of the app is that there are no hidden charges and you don’t have to lift a finger. The company sends a vehicle with driver and movers as required.

The professionals have prior experience of the task undertaken and well trained. The selection process by most of the company hiring this professional is done under scrutiny via police verification to ensure that they can be completely entrusted with valuable belongings.

Uber for movers this on-demand moving app has the three panels, the customer, service provider and admin panel.

The admin panel holds the reins of the business and communicates or liaises between the customer and service provider panel. The on demand service app also provides layers such as the review layer, integrated payment interface, and GEO location feature.

Essential features of the Uber for moving service app


The service provider reaches the customer’s destination the customer who has booked the services receives an instant alert.

Destination Notification

Customer app can send the pickup location, the automatically estimated arrival time notification to the driver.

Job History

The service provider via the job history tab is able to navigate to check previous job details.

Bill Generation

Once the task is complete the service provider generates the bill very easily. with the app of uber for moving service

Individual Login

The service provider has an individual login so he can stay online or offline and check details of the job.


Via the app, the customer can liaise or chat with the service provider instantly rather than phone calls

It is extremely possible that a service provider layer incorporated in the admin layer. Providing the services you are an owner of a few trucks then you may be possible to run.

As an owner of the business, you can tie up with individuals or companies who have trucks and vans. They are able to provide the service provider services to you.

The GEO navigation allows you as a customer to track the location at any point in time between departure and arrival. Normally all the companies providing an on demand moving app and movers services have insurances covered for all the house items that you intend to move or relocate. Perfect synchronized for all moving and packing!