Can you imagine How I came to know about on demand delivery app? Like many others, the craving for having my own business was always there, but never got a chance or was never able to take the risk. Being employ full time with one of the best companies in the industry and a respectable pay package always kept me happy.

However, this also kept me away from my dream of having my own business. Everything was going fine till the time company thought to replace us with young blood. The very same day things changed and I was on the road to start my own business.

About On Demand Delivery App

Lucky and smart enough I had business plans and a business idea all in mind and in place. I was quick to launch my own food business. For a few months, the business ran in losses and was not able to identify the reason. The product I sold was good, but the footfall was limited; perhaps the prospects did not appreciate it.

In a short span of time, I had to change the whole business model, by cutting down the size and reducing operating expenses. The new model was based on delivery and takeaway. In order to deliver the products, dedicated delivery staff was hired. The business started picking up, only to the extent that the business was breaking even. It was time to find out the issue and it came out to be the delivery boys who were eating away the profits in terms of their salary.

It was time to look for options, which I could not find them, but was lucky enough to see an advertisement online promoting on demand delivery. I had failed twice and did not have time and money to spend on another idea. With no other choice, I tried the on-demand delivery app because I didn’t want to shut down my business or incur further loss. The system was looking very promising as it offered on demand delivery services,  the sore point of my business.

The best part of the delivery app clone as done as and when you needed it. Now I did not have a sitting expense of delivery staff as they were being replaced by on demand deliveries. The system further facilitates notifications and real-time tracking of deliveries. Everything manages from your Android and/or iPhone you can book, track and get notifications.

Some other features of on demand delivery app that impressed me were:

Quick Installation

The app setup is not a bulky one. It’s very small in size and this is why the installation of the app is very quick in every smart device. It quick and better for the devices too as less will be the size of the app; the more buttery smooth will be the workflow.

Approved on the Apple and Google play store

Your application that you will get will be pre-approved on the App Store as well as the Google Play Store too.

Real-time Tracking

After placing an order, the user can track the deliverer as well as its order through an app. The app features GPS technology that works with Google Maps. Through Google Maps, the tracking direction is been visualized on the screen of the user. For real-time direction tracking, PUBNUB is used. PUBNUB is a technology that enables an individual to track the exact and accurate location with their direction. This technology is quite advanced in the market and is not available is many existing on demand apps.


E-wallet is one of the better payment options for your customer. If an individual does not want to use his or her credit card, that person can add money through online payment option in their E-Wallet and can do further payments anything they order. It’s a quick an easy way to do payments via E-Wallet that will keep your customers away from carrying a credit card.

Lifetime License

With an on demand delivery app, you will be getting the licensed source codes. The license of the source codes will remain the same for the lifetime as if you want any changes in your app in future, you can easily implement them. Lifetime license means the source codes will be valid throughout your whole life.

Responsive Web panel

The web panel covers all the feature which that controls the major part of your app. The design and interface of the web panel make it an amazing and productive tool that will help you out in controlling almost everything.

Advance Reports

Advance reports will help you in acknowledging all your earnings as well as the number of customers that places orders at some specific period of time. Through this feature, you will come to know your earnings as well as can compare them with every month’s report.

Used as a White labeled product

The on demand delivery app providing company will place your company name as well as the logo of the company. After implementing changes, they will launch your app on App Store and Play Store.

I was aware and always confident that technologies work, but never thought that the on demand delivery app would incorporate in my current situation so well.

In conclusion, the operational cost drastically decreased, and customers were highly impressed with the timely deliveries. The well-designed system ensures it’s never a hassle but always a pleasure to use.