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Brazil is a very famous choice for tourists to travel as it provides a lot of different attractive places like world-famous events such as Rio Carnival and also has beautiful beaches. However, going to the different exotic places may be challenging in Brazil as it is one of the largest countries in the world and also visiting a foreign country will always entail taking the essential steps to make the trip more safe and enjoyable.

One another very important step to enjoying the beauty of Brazil is to hire a taxi service. Here are some of the,

Top taxi booking apps Brazil 2019

  • Easy taxi app
  • 99taxis
  • Uber
  • Va de Taxi
  • Safertaxi etc.

Easy taxi app

This is a free and very successful taxi booking application of Brazil which has easily gained more than 17 million users and is available on more than 170 cities all over the world. To enjoy the service of this awesome taxi service app, one has to make a request for the ride and then confirm the ride and pay for it. Once you book a ride with this app, you should check the vehicle number and phone number of the driver which appears on the home screen of the app to find the taxi easily and painlessly. This amazing app is available at different platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.


The LIGUE TAXI BH was launched on 12 September 1998 aiming at providing safe, secure, affordable and quick rides to their users. With the services of LIGUE TAXI BH, customers can enjoy the assistance of one of the leading and largest cooperatives in the field of taxi segment which is accomplished through well-trained professionals with the notions of intercommunication, defensive direction, proper knowledge of the Brazilian Transit code, first aid, etc.

99 Taxis

9 Taxi booking application is available in different Brazilian cities. This awesome application works in more than 150 cities all over Brazil. It works in the pattern of Easy Taxi app. This amazing app is available at all the important platforms like Windows, Android and iOS.


Uber is considered to provide the best model for today’s competitive market of the taxi business. One can easily enjoy the services of this app without the entailment of any kind of complications. This app offers safe, reliable and pocket-friendly rides to their customers. One can use this app on different platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.

Va de Taxi

Va de Taxi is another taxi service in Brazil that offers great taxi service to its customers. One can book safe, quick and affordable rides through this app. This taxi app is very popular among the people of Brazil as it is easy to book a Va de Taxi with a few simple touches on our phone.


Safertaxi app is very popular in Brazil as one can easily book a classy taxi ride with just a few simple clicks on their phone. This app provides extraordinary services to their customers without any hassle. This app is available for all the platforms like iOS Android and Windows. This taxi app aims to provide the maximum satisfaction level to their customers which indirectly also helps in attracting more and more customers. 

The functioning of Taxi apps

All the topmost taxi booking apps Brazil works in the same manner. To know more about the working of the app, read the following steps-

  • Download the app from the Android store, Apple store or Windows store.
  • To use this app, you have to first make the registration on the app by
    providing your email address, phone number or any social media platform such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc.
  • Enter your pickup and drop off location
  • Make a request on the app to avail the service
  • Confirm the service
  • Within a few minutes, a professional driver will reach your location
  • Enjoy the ride
  • After the completion of the ride, make payments. You can make the payments by using a wallet that is integrated into the app or cash. Using debit cards or credit cards is also a great option here.
  • In the end, provide your feedback and reviews to the company. Your reviews help the companies to improve their services.

There are some common features which are integrated into almost all the taxi booking app

  • Easy login and registration: The users of the app can make easy login into the app or register themselves into the app with the help of an email address, phone number or any social media ID such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc.
  • Real-time tracking: The users of the app can easily get to know about the exact location of the taxi and how much time it will take to arrive at the pickup point.
  • SOS button: This option helps the passengers to enjoy a safe ride. In case of any emergency, passengers can tap the button of SOS and then the location is automatically shared with the nearest police station.
  • Flexible and secure payment option: Flexible and secure payment option is provided to the users of the app to create convenience for them. There is a number of different ways to make payments. One can make the payment by cash, wallet, credit card and debit card.
  • Customer Care support: In case of any problem related to the service or the driver, the users are free to take help from the customer care executive. Customer care assistance is mostly available 24/7 to resolve the queries of their customers.

Planning for a Venture?

If you are planning for a venture and want to start your own taxi business which can hit the heavy wind of competition then you can go with any of the Top taxi booking apps Brazil 2019 as each and every app launched here is reliable, affordable and credible in the market.