Mashkor app clone

With the hike in technology, there are a different number of applications launch nowadays which allows us to enjoy different types of services without any complication. Whether we want to get a hair medicine delivery or we want to get delivery of a chocolate shake to our doorstep, everything is possible with Mashkor clone app. This single powerful app allows us to enjoy the delivery of different products in the comfort of our home. After the introduction of this unbeatable app in the market, the people of Kuwait area enjoying unlimited services offered by this wonderful app.

Main features of Mashkorclone app

Customer’s perspective


The crucial attributes of this app entail making a request for the order and getting it confirmed, pre-scheduling a delivery, doing the payment easily and safely, tracking and providing the valuable feedback.

Delivery Agent’s perspective

The delivery agent mainly looks for their hassle-free approval from the admin after registering on the app. The delivery points, pickups and the distance between them need to be specified and clear. In case the order is rejected or accepted then the status should be immediately updated on the app. So that it creates a convenience for the delivery boy to receive the order and deliver it to the correct destination. The delivery agents should also have access to track the booking orders as well as the history of all the orders which also involves the cancelled history.

Admin’s perspective:

The admin basically requires an online portal to manage the occurring orders and the authentic details of the delivery agent. A notification is also sent to the delivery agents as well as the customers to keep them engaged for the whole delivery process. The delivery agent has to confirm the package by taking their signature and by tagging the location. Real-time tracking is another very important feature for the admin to keep an eye on the product whether it has been delivered or not. Analytics and reporting can deliver functional smartnesses for creating optimizations and data-driven decisions.

Once anybody is done with the development of a delivery app, they need to grow their existence in the marketplace. Mentioned below are some tips and tricks to assemble adequate user base for their perfect business model.

Begin cleverly

Almost every start-up doesn’t have handsome funds to start their marketing strategies and campaigning with a boom so it is better to start with a ground level marketing tricks to attract the ground level customers. 


The main and the very initial thing to start before the launch of any product is to advertise and advertise. It is done so that the people should be already aware of the product that is going to be launched.

Search local partners

Local partners are very helpful in making a positive image in the local market as they have a stronghold in the market. Without them, it will become onerous to have a booming start.

Planning for a Venture?

If you have a plan in your mind to start your own venture by investing some money then choosing Mashkor app clone is a great idea as it is a colorable and unwavering app in the market and also holds a good image in the industry.