beauty on demand

The beauty industry is at its all-time high right now. No matter how much we say that we like our original self, we are always trying to improve ourselves to look better for the world. This is why the whole world is trying to capitalize on the market right now. If you ever had a dream to start your own beauty services salon, then now is the right time to enter this market.

But to start your own business in this sector, you have to prepare yourself to face tough competition. The first and foremost thing that you have to take care of is hiring the right professionals. Apart from the beauticians, there are other roles that need to be fulfilled. Here is a list of all the professionals that you must hire.


It may be your business, but you are an employee too. You have to understand that just being the owner of the app is not going to cut it. You have a lot of responsibilities as an operator that you have to take care of. Making sure that you provide the best kind of customer service is your primary role. Apart from that, you will be responsible for making financial decisions, keeping a track of the inventory, hiring new staff, retaining the existing ones and so on and so forth. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time at your salon to increase the revenue generation. But since it is your new venture, you don’t have to worry about it. You will certainly love hanging out in your new den.

Salon Manager

If your salon is literally a one-man job, then you don’t need this candidate, but if it’s a small to medium sized venture, the salary of a manager will be worth the investment. A manager will be tasked with all sorts of responsibilities like handling the paperwork, managing the books, scheduling staff training, managing the purchases etc.

Basically, you can look at this portfolio as someone who can fill in for your responsibilities as well when you aren’t around. It is an important position as it will centralize all your problem areas to one particular point. He becomes your one point contact for any information that you might want.


This is probably the most obvious person who you need to hire. Set a minimum benchmark for the kind of experience you want for your hairstylist. You don’t want to get a newbie in your new salon. This is because you have to show something for the customers to feel attracted to your salon. You have to show them that they can trust you because your staff knows what they are doing.

Other beauty services

Hairstyling is just one aspect of the beauty services salon industry. There are other responsibilities including facial massages, waxing, manicures, and pedicures. There are other things also that come under the purview of your salon, so make sure you get the right kind of people who can do it all. It will be nice if your staff is good at more than a kind of skill so that you can hire the minimum to get the maximum output.

Floor assistant

This one portfolio might come across as the least important one but is, in fact, the most important portfolio. There are too many things in a salon that a helper is needed for. If you don’t hire someone like that, everyone will end up losing their productivity because they will use much more time than they would otherwise.


If your resources are busy, the customer might have to spend some time at the reception. The receptionist can make sure she takes down the appointments, informs all the professionals about their respective appointments and be available at the front desk.

beauty on demand app

Get an app for beauty services salon

If you don’t want to spend too much on real estate and simply want to offer your own services, then you can go for the option of beauty on demand app. Buy Uber for beauty service app so that your target audience can book your services instantly through their smartphones.