gojek clone kingx pro app components

Tech approaches have benefitted industries quickly and continue to do so ever since innovation played a significant position in the industry. One of them is conducting business via mobile apps, and right now the On-demand Multiservices App is trending.  The Gojek business plan offers methods for providing various amenities via an app, a concept taken from a Successful Business Model Gojek launched in the Indonesian market. Gojek is a famous example of an Indonesian unicorn that has recently gained popularity and is now available in more than 180 cities across numerous Southeast Asian nations. So, if you are still in dilemma about how Gojek Clone 2023 will make money? How will you generate profits? On-demand Multiservices Apps appear to have a bright future despite the intensifying competition.

Given the growth of the industry, it makes sense that a budding entrepreneur would be intrigued by the idea of creating a Super App. An astonishing $200 billion is predicted for the on-demand marketplace by 2025 due to its growing popularity.

Build Gojek Clone with 7 New Components let’s explore how it can generate revenues and boost visibility for your business.

1. Buy, Sell and Rent – Real Estate

It is a Top-Notch Component that gives your users the freedom to express their needs for both commercial and residential real estate, including buying, selling, and renting. Both under “Premium Listing” and for free, they can place the advertisement. You can make a good living by purchasing a premium listing package because everyone wants their ad to be given top priority. As a result, it creates a situation where both parties benefit, increasing visibility and producing revenue.

2. Buying, Selling, and Renting – Car/Vehicles

Your customers can list their car/vehicle buying and selling needs, as well as request the best car rental rates, with just a few taps on the device. Using the details supplied in the listing, the buyer will here get in touch with the seller.

When a user is interested in renting a car, the owner will post an advertisement with all the essential details, and they will contact you.

You will witness a major improvement in revenue generation as more people download the app and use the feature that enables them to sell and purchase cars at the best prices, and the app’s owner gains visibility. It solves the “Middle-man” issues were paying a commission to them is required. The entire process is made feasible by fairness and transparency.

Additionally, the seller will make a sizable profit when they purchase the “Plan Packages” to highlight their vehicle(s) in the “Featured” category.

3. Buy, Sell and Rent General Items

Users may now do searches, post advertisements, and buy or sell a variety of goods in minutes, including furniture, stationery, electronics, sporting goods, and appliances. By enabling interactions between customers and vendors, the feature makes it easy and convenient for merchants to connect. Utilizing the most latest technologies, this application was developed to let consumers find the best products from sellers/merchants directly.

As a result, you become more visible and your clientele grows, both of which eventually help your business get off the ground. Additionally, the component gives your customers access to “Premium Listing.” By paying for the listing, they can profit by having their ads displayed at the peaks. The Paid Ads receive better visibility and consequently produce more leads, which improves brand perception.

4. Ridesharing and Carpooling

Use the ride-share/carpool feature to let your customers split the cost of their transportation. It is a smart step to address the escalating fuel issues and the challenges of everyday commuting. By connecting all of your users with other drivers who are making the same trips, the component will handle all of their travel needs.

As more and more customers use ride-sharing services, revenue production increases, and as a result, you will earn a sizable commission for each trip.

5. Medical Services

Thanks to our new functionality, your users may now arrange doctor appointments so that patients can receive care at home or in the doctor’s office. As an added service,

  • Connecting to the closest blood banks
  • Calling for an ambulance
  • Getting prescription drugs delivered to your door and having video consultations with doctors are now all straightforward.

All medical procedures must be ordered through your app for you to receive a higher commission, which significantly increases your income. Our state-of-the-art Medical Services Module will put you in the driver’s seat. So, on every service availed using the app via this component it generates a commission. Thus ultimately adding substantial profits to your bottom line.

Components That Boost the Visibility Of Your App

1. Nearby Businesses

One of its unique features lets clients quickly find nearby landmarks and other goods in an unfamiliar location. The element will immediately identify the user and allow them to choose the nearby banks, shopping centers, amusement parks, supermarkets, pharmacies, taxis, hairdressers, etc. with just a few taps.

The more customers flocking to your app to find their favorite nearby locations the better your app’s visibility. Your app ranking automatically goes higher and that’s how it boosts its significance.

2.Tracking Family and Employees

With the introduction of this component, you may monitor the buses that belong to your family, your kids’ school, and company employees.

This is a wonderfully helpful feature that has been crucial in making folks feel at ease knowing. Their children or other loved ones are traveling safely. Displaying their concern for their workers and students also enhances the positive perception of those offering this component service. Your users have access to staff and child tracking in real time. 

This essential element will increase the user base and visibility of your app, which will increase its popularity. Your customer base will surely grow as you gain more

Wrapping Up

The team at V3Cube worked very hard to identify the appropriate parts and integrate them. We made an on-demand multi services app. That provides solutions to today’s problems after seeing the problems and questions that clients and customers faced. Since it offers 101+ services at once, the problem of switching from one app to another is eliminated. Additionally, these 7 brand-new elements are intended to make your company successful and increase profits like never before.