White Label Gojek Clone App

To distinguish your mobile app from others in the market, you need to put effort into boosting user engagement on your app. From the number of orders placed on the on demand app to how the pricing is done and how much money you make, it all depends on the customer and the experience (CX) your app offers. It means that if you want to offer a seamless experience to your users, you need to integrate designs and features that spark maximum engagement. Let’s learn how the Gojek Clone app features attract and engage its users.

But before moving forward, look at what app engagement means.

On demand App Engagement Definition

App engagement means how your users interact with your app. It answers if users are really interested in your app or not.

In simpler terms, app engagement is necessary to make sure people use your app and improve your business.

There are several ways you can measure app engagement, including –

  • How much time does a user spend on your app per session/login?
  • How many daily and monthly app users does your app have?
  • What is the churn rate (number of users who stop using the app after a certain time)?
  • What is the retention rate (number of users that stick with your app for a long time)?

Well, if you didn’t know already, mobile app features are a great way to boost user engagement.

But, which White Label Gojek Clone App features should you include to get the most engagements?

Let’s see!

Mobile App Features to Increase Your App Engagement

When trying to increase app engagement other than just focusing on the features, you should also consider checking customer feedback and matching it with your business goals.

Push Notifications

Sending personalized in-app notifications allows you to catch the attention of potential users.

Here your users will be notified every time you have something ‘personalized’ to offer them. There can be several different in-app notifications that you can send such as –

  • Informative notification
  • Order update notifications
  • Geolocation notifications
  • Rating/survey notifications
  • Re-engagement notifications
  • Promotional notifications

You can also send in-app push notifications to alert them about actions while the app is open. Here is an example –

Simple login process

Simplifying the login process will allow your users to come back to your platform again and again to book the services they need.

The Gojek Clone app enables users to login into the app with their Face ID (iPhone users) and Fingerprint (Android users).

This feature makes it easy for them to log into the app without entering usernames and passwords, which are hard to remember at times!

App rewards

Providing rewards is one of the ways to motivate your customers to use the mobile app more. Well, the Gojek-like app integrates the refer and earn rewards for you.

It is a strategic way to keep your customers engaged with your app and encourage them to invite other users as well. The core purpose of a referral program like this is to create a stronger relationship with the users and convert them to a loyal customer base.

A Gojek Clone app user can share the code and invite their friends or family members  to join the app. Now, if a new user joins the platform using the invite code and books their first service, the existing user gets the reward.

In other words, any user that brings new customers to the platform is rewarded for their contribution.

It Is Time to Get to Work!

In the world of hyper-competitive markets, an entrepreneur needs to follow what’s trending and put effort into boosting user engagement.

Along with an interactive interface, high-quality visuals, and more, you also need to integrate mobile app features that drive maximum engagement on your application.

Carefully design and develop the Gojek Clone app for your multi-service business by hiring the right people or simply get in touch with a white-labeling firm!

Trust us, the latter option is better!