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12 Alternatives to Uber

Ride-hailing apps and services have over the years gained popularity due to the growing urban population.

With a few taps on their device, users can book a ride for themselves and be assured of reaching their destination in a safe and secure manner at the most convenient rates.

One of the forerunners in the world of ride-hailing and ride-sharing is Uber. But slowly it has lost its popularity. Given below are the reasons that Uber has lost its popularity among users and riders.

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Reasons Uber Lost its Popularity

High Price 

During the period of bad weather or when travel is at its peak, Uber charges a hefty amount from riders. This in turn has led to users not using the services at all.

Safety Issues

Several incidents of safety breaches have come up at Uber and have thus led to Uber losing its popularity among riders.


Uber has been accused of spying into the data of users and thus has led to it losing out on its users and users switching to other ride-hailing and ride-sharing apps.

These reasons have led to Uber losing its popularity and other alternatives gaining more mileage among users.

Here are the 12 Uber alternative that has become popular among users to reach their destination safely at the most convenient price.

The Top 12 Alternatives Like Uber that Have Become Popular Among Users


A competition of Uber in the United States, the ride-sharing and ride-hailing app promises users a safe and convenient ride experience. As per a study that was published by Zebra Magazine, the average waiting time on the ride-hailing app is 6 seconds less than Uber thus making it popular among the riders.


Hailo is a UK based ride-hailing app that has become popular among riders because of the safety they maintain along with the market-friendly rates of the rides when hailed by the rider


Careem is a popular ride-sharing and ride-hailing app in Africa and the Middle-Eastern countries that promises riders a safe and convenient ride experience for them.


An application quite popular among riders in India, this app promises riders of a safe, convenient and market-friendly ride. This app also provides riders the facility to order food and get it delivered at their doorstep. 


The famous ride-hailing app has over 17 million users worldwide and a fleet of over 400000 taxi drivers and is popular among riders because of their strict safety and privacy rules.


DidiDache is a popular ride-hailing and ride-sharing app based in China that promises riders a safe and convenient ride experience.


Lecab is a popular ride-sharing app in France that promises riders in France of a safe and convenient ride experience for them.


A ride-hailing app especially for the corporates. This app promises corporates of a unique ride experience for themselves and getting their organization registered and get travel bonus from the organization.


Waze is a popular carpooling service introduced by Google that allows riders to travel to and from work with other riders.


A popular car-rental application, the Getaround App allows riders to rent a car for themselves for a particular period and travel wherever they have to.


Juno is a startup that is slowly gaining a user base. It promises users ride-sharing and ride-hailing and reaches their destination. 

BlaBla Car

Another ride-hailing service from France, BlaBla Car promises riders in France a safe and convenient ride experience for them.

Besides the above-mentioned ride-hailing applications, there are many other ride-hailing and ride-sharing applications that have slowly gained popularity and led to Uber losing out on users.

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