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1Taxi Clone is basically the Uber of Spain. Almost 600 cities and towns across the whole country are covered, which is impressive. The app connects with the nearest local taxicabs in Spain with their network of 50,000 or more taxis. Therefore, creating an app to handle such heavy load requires professional experts. In this blog, you will learn about Taxi Booking App Development in Spain and white-labeling process in detail.


Imagine trying to build an app to handle oncoming rides and drivers. It’s got to be built tough to take on that kind of load. Otherwise, it’ll prone to crash and or stop working anytime soon. There’s so much that has to come together perfectly. But here’s the hack – white-label solutions let you bypass building the core from scratch. You can model your app after an existing codebase that already has all the taxi booking essentials built-in. Then you can rebrand it, add your own flair, and launch your service way faster.

Developing 1Taxi Clone App

First up, nail down core features that make a taxi app actually usable. Obviously you’ll need user accounts, vehicle/driver registration, ride requests with pickup/drop-off locations, live tracking, estimated fares, payment gateways, etc. Basically all the functionality 1Taxi app already has dialed in.

Once those critical features are mapped out, it’s time to make it look pretty with some smooth user interfaces and experiences. This includes simple, intuitive designs that make booking a taxi a seamless process. Human-centric design is essential here.

With the features and UI planned out, get into the developer stuff – coding the actual app! You’ll need to bring in a skilled team of mobile development experts who know their way around native iOS and Android app development. None of that clunky cross-platform nonsense. Your app needs to run smoothly.

While the development team handles the client-side apps, you’ve got to bring in the backend developers to build out that server infrastructure. This includes real-time location tracking, intelligent dispatching algorithms, data privacy/security and much more. This backend has to be robust enough to handle massive scale across all of Spain.

1Taxi Clone App White-Label Process

Alright, so you’ve got the full development breakdown to create your own taxi app from scratch. However, doing all that from zero is a massive pain from the start.

That’s where this genius thing called white-labeling comes in! Basically, instead of creating an app on your own, you can buy an existing app like 1Taxi Clone. It already has all the core taxi functionality built-in and is ready to roll.

Then, through the white-label process, you go in and rebrand that pre-built script to fit your business – new name, logos, color schemes, language, currency, and much more. In just 1-2 weeks, you’ll have your very own on-demand taxi app that looks completely unique. However, it’s powered by trusted and reliable tech, ready for unimaginable load possible.

This white-label approach is an absolute game-changer. Rather than waiting months for developers to build an app from the ground up, you can launch your service way faster by just buying a ready-made app that already works great.

Not only do you save a ton of time and hassle, but investing in these pre-built solutions helps you avoid multiple potential headaches. Things like buggy code, poor scalability, and a and a lack of key features – that’s all been worked out already. You’re basically taking the product off the labor of an entire development team with years of work in it.

Above all, a good white-label provider handles future updates, server management, and all that behind-the-scenes tech madness. That’s more on your plate so you can focus on actually running your taxi business.

Taxi Booking App Development in Spain

Now that the white-label process is covered, let’s talk about the functionality you’re unlocking for riders, drivers, and admins. This isn’t just some “book a ride” app but a platform made from pre-built scripts and licensed source code to launch your Spanish taxi app empire.

On the rider side, your users will be downloading a dedicated mobile app for iOS or Android that’s clean, intuitive, and packed with features. Its major features include: registration/profiles, trip booking with pickup/dropoff locations, view of available driver locations in real-time, fare estimation, promo code, multiple payment options, rating, and so on.

For drivers, they’ll get their own separate app built specifically around making their lives easier. You will be providing them with an intuitive interface for registering their vehicle and getting approved. Other features include: going online/offline to receive new ride requests, viewing passenger information; getting turn-by-turn directions to pickup locations, and logging cash rides in addition to app bookings.

But the real control center is the admin panel, – runs the whole operation behind the scenes. This is mission control, where you’ll handle onboarding and managing both riders and drivers, set pricing models, define operational areas, download reports, and all that good stuff.

The dispatch dashboard shows you ride stats in real-time, so you can monitor demand and ensure customers aren’t waiting ages for taxis. You’ll basically be a tech-savvy owner controlling every aspect of your Spanish taxi empire.

The possibilities are endless for growing a wonderfully inefficient cab service into a lean, tech-powered operation! Who wouldn’t want to tap into those revenue streams and enhanced rider/driver experiences? Of course, make sure the specific white-label provider you’re looking at has documented all these module capabilities.


While building custom might seem appealing for that personal touch, going the white-label route for a 1Taxi Clone is 100% the move you want. At the end of the day, investing a little now in a pre-built white-label app saves you a fortune down the road.