Gojek Clone App

Did you know that one mobile app can offer 101+ services on-demand? If you did, you must have heard of Gojek Clone App. and, if not, this blog will introduce you to the topmost on-demand services available on this digital platform. With a single app installation, your customers can book taxi rides, hire home cleaners, send parcels, etc.

Let’s see what this on-demand multi-service app offers to customers in just a single click!

Book 101+ On-demand Services in One Click

For customers, it will be nothing more than paradise to find a single app that gives them the facility to book the services they need every day.

In addition to access to several on-demand services, your customers will be released from the confinements of installing multiple apps.

In short, all they need to do is install a single app to save their phone’s storage space and the time they waste switching between apps.

Well, these are some of the top-most booked services on the Gojek Clone App.

Taxi booking service

Booking a taxi to commute from one location to another has become much easier today.

Your customers will be able to avail of a range of taxi services from this app such as:

  • Taxi rentals
  • Taxi ride booking
  • Carpooling
  • Ride-hailing

A single click is enough to book a taxi that will arrive at the customer’s pick-up location and complete the ride smoothly.

To ensure that the rider could safely travel in taxi, the app has multiple features like-

  • Live tracking
  • SOS button
  • Share ride details

Food delivery

People like ordering food frequently and they do it using apps like Gojek.

Through the Gojek Clone App, the customer can browse different restaurants’ menus, add items to their cart, customize it if they want, and place an order.

Also, the mobile app offers two delivery type options to choose from. One, normal doorstep delivery where the driver hands over the package to the customer. And, two, contactless delivery where the driver leaves the package at the customer’s doorstep!

Thus, the customer can then collect the package from their doorfront and enjoy the meal!

Beautician on-demand

Ask yourself the question: who has the time and patience to book an appointment manually at a salon? Correct! No one.

Thus, to free customers from all the trouble of booking services manually or waiting in long queues for their turn, the app has launched this service.

Here, your customer can search for nearby beauticians on Gojek Clone App, compare their fees and profile, and hire them. Also, the customers can see the provider’s current location on the map!

Parcel delivery

With this on-demand service facility, your customers can send documents, flowers, furniture, or loads of cement bags from one location to another.

They can choose a suitable cargo vehicle for the parcel delivery and also add multiple drop-off points if they want.

Apart from these facilities, your customers can also track the delivery driver’s location in real time, pay them online, provide feedback, etc.

And, all of these services and more can be booked from a single app.

In Conclusion:

After reading this, what are your thoughts about launching your own Gojek Clone App?

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