There was a time when we used to go for grocery shopping on a regular basis. Some liked to do it daily while some did it on a weekly basis. Going to a farmer’s market in the early morning for fresh produce was an experience in itself. Modern-day pressures have made priorities change and hectic work sometimes leave very little time for personal chores. A decade ago it was hard to imagine that you could shop for everything from the comfort of your place. Smartphones were not that prevalent either. The advent of smart devices – brought everything into the palm of our hands. Now, when you don’t want to drive, you can order a cab with a few easy taps. Slowly, this way of servicing people’s daily or regular needs is gaining popularity and services are becoming app-based. The Grocery delivery app is one such service that you can think of like an uber for grocery delivery.

From the Business Angle

Not only does the service benefit consumers, but it is also an excellent business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you want to cash in on this wonderful chance to own a business of your own, follow four simple steps and you will be on your way to becoming an entrepreneur of the digital age:

  1. Browse around in Playstore as well as in Appstore to find such demo apps from a good app service provider and download these apps on your smart device to get a feel of how it will all work. While experiencing the workflow of the demo app, you will come to know the goods and bad of an app. This will help you in choosing the perfect app for your business idea.
  2. Once you have decided the best app that suits all your needs, you can contact the app service provider to specify localization features like language and currency.
  3. Most app service providers will let you personalize the default app with your specific business branding, like your logo or company name or both. Well, this overall process comes under white labeling. White labeling also includes the addition of languages as well as the currency. But make sure, every extra language and currency you will demand to the app providing company, you will have to pay for it. For changing the logo as well as brand name, they won’t charge you any.
  4. A good app service provider will take the entire hassle of getting the app approved by the authorities on all mobile platforms. Will launch it on your behalf. After all, it’s their duty to do this as many of the business owners are non-technical and don’t even know the technicality about the app.

Once you complete these steps, you start earning money right away from each grocery order placed through the app. The whole process is virtual and there is no physical setup involved. The only cost involved is to purchase the service of setting up the app. You won’t find an easier business opportunity than this.

The Features You Get In Grocery Delivery App

There are many amazing features that you will get in this clone package that make it a better app than the existing Grocery delivery app.

  • Multi-Grocery Store

It is one of the core features of Grocery delivery app through which you can provide your customers to take a visual experience of multiple grocery stores. This will help your customers to purchase groceries from their favorite stores.

  • Multi-Languages

If your business is covering from country to country or your targeted customers speak a foreign language, then no need to worry about. Your business model is compatible with multiple languages. All you have to do is contact the Grocery delivery app providing company and explain them your demands. Further, it’s their duty to handle your app.

  • Multi-Currency

Similar to the currency, none for your foreign customer will pay extra for the grocery which they can buy at a lesser price. To overcome this situation, you can add multiple currencies in your app so that your customers can pay in their native currency.

  • Refer & Earn

This feature is quite popular in the market. It’s a feature that is very useful for your customers as it can bring a good discount to them. As they will refer your app to other people, they will be receiving a good discount offer. Now, this feature is beneficial for your customer as well as you. Your customer will get the discount and you will be getting more customers with more sales too.

From the Client Angle

When a client wants to order groceries, all they do is download the app and register with personal and payment details. Options to pay by cash or card are available in the Grocery delivery app. Then they can browse an enormous digital aisle of grocery products from any store and choose to buy from more than one store. After selection, the store is notified and the customer receives one as well. The store’s delivery boy delivers the products and this progress can be tracked in real time through the app. On delivery, the amount is deducted from the registered payment card. The business owner then pays the store based on the prior agreement made.