Slate NYC app clone

Slate NYC clone app is the easiest way to keep our home indelibly fresh and clean every weekday.

When a user signs up for Slate NYC clone app then a trained, uniformed, trusted and an insured cleaning expert is sent to the home of the customer for about an hour a day from Monday to Friday to take out the trash, to make the beds, wash dishes, clean clutter and clean the dirty clothes.

Now the customers have to forget about making the bed again. They can now leave their dishes in the sink, also, forget about the stuffed hamper. The only thing that they have to do is that they just have to open the door to get their refreshed home.


The cleaning experts are the employees of the Slate NYC clone app and they are not detached sub-contractors. Customers can use this amazing app to get started with the cleaning work of their house and to match exactly what they need to be done in their home without any extra efforts. Slate NYC clone app is the first regular based home cleaning service app which is used by more than 5,000 people on a regular basis.

Amazing keepers

The keepers of Slate NYC clone app are trusted, trained and insured. This amazing app finds a courteous, professional and meticulous keeper through credible sources and several background checks on the basis of their criminal backgrounds and drug tests.

The company also provide the keepers with different sets of training sessions which continues for 1 week or more. This wonderful app also provides the certificate of insurance to their customers just to make them assure that the pros of the app will not harm their property.

Slate NYC clone app

Slate NYC clone app has developed a smart task-handling system by which it is easy to understand the task of the customer. They can do it by using their slack or iPhone. If the keeper provided to the customer is more comfortable in communicating with some other language then this fantastic app translates it for the customers. The customers also receive quick and useful updates on their phone.

Building relationships

Slate NYC clone app believes in developing a positive and strong relationship with the customer in order to grow the business along with providing them with the maximum level of satisfaction. Great relationships can be easily build up with effective communication. Slate NYC clone app checks in with all their users and wait to hear a word where necessary changes can be done and how the service can be improved even more.

If you have a striking idea to start your own home cleaning service business and want to earn a good amount of profit along with the quick return on investment then going with Slate NYC app clone is a smart choice. You can also go with any other app which has a good image in the industry.