inDriver Clone App

inDriver Clone App

inDriver Clone – Paved Way For New Business Idea

The desire for speed and convenience among consumers nowadays has increased the demand for on-demand apps. The idea of moving their food ordering and delivery business online with the help of mobile applications and delivery tracking software is one that business owners and entrepreneurs are quickly embracing.

Businesses are looking forward to building a sustainable two-in-one app, to impress customers with on-demand taxi booking and delivery at lightning speed.

Hence, we can say that this business idea has paved the way for several entrepreneurs and start-ups to establish their companies in a short time.

It is a win-win situation to flourish.

Joining Hands With Free Features Of inDriver App Clone


This app will be completely redone and white-labeled with your company’s or brand’s name and logo everywhere. This service is also totally free.

Licensed code for customization

You will have full access to the license code we will give you, and our staff will be able to make any modifications you see necessary. You are allowed to customize the product on your own if you so choose. Any competent developer will be able to make the necessary changes because it is open source.

Lifetime license

The license for your brand or one domain is handled by us. There are no additional fees for purchasing the license or even renewing it after you pay us for the app.

Apps approval on Play Stores

Our app is superior on every level technologically. Because of this, we can tell you that we will make sure the iTunes and Google Play Stores approve of your apps. We assume full responsibility for all technical problems and will make sure that it is simple to launch your apps in these stores.

Responsive web panels

It has responsive app panels that function flawlessly on a variety of devices, including PCs, tablets, Android phones, iPhones and iPads, and Windows and Blackberry phones, among others.

Advance analytics and reports

The software offers a feature-rich Admin Panel that gives you a 360-degree view of every aspect of your company’s activities. As a result, advanced analytics gives you a thorough understanding of user behavior and spending patterns. It enables you to modify the application features, services, as well as pricing structure to make it more user-friendly based on your customer’s preferences.


The customer will be able to add money to his virtual in-app wallet with the help of this feature. If money is provided to the customer in some other way except mobile money, the administrator may also top up the customer’s account.

How You Can Benefit from Using inDriver Clone App?

Now, the inDriver Clone Script Solution can help many organizations, especially those that mimic the inDriver Application. All because V3Cube saved companies a tonne of time and money.

As you might know, the inDriver App is a well-known American unicorn that provides on-demand taxi booking services, among other things. The popularity of this app has attracted the attention of numerous business owners and investors, and V3Cube’s timely release of its inDriver’s Clone App has all the necessary components to spark a boom of rival businesses.

The app is a more advanced version of inDriver in every way because it includes several cutting-edge features, including the ability to book a taxi through an iWatch app, location-based push notifications, OTP verification to begin a task, restrictions on driver fraud, delivery drivers who have assistants, live tracking, ride cancellation, face mask verification, and more.

Final Thoughts

The inDriver Clone App allows users to book the specialized taxi and freight services just like they would any other on-demand transportation service.

By drawing users and making money, this multi-service software is seen to have the capacity to alter corporate norms. The app serves as a multi-service facilitator, offering crucial on-demand Parcel Delivery and Taxi Booking services while also loading up the smartphone with additional apps.