uber for home cleaning

We live in a generation popularly known as the millennial generation. In other words, today people have an exceptionally busy, hectic as well as a long and tiring day which makes them rather lose the urge that once they step into the comfort of their house they would actually feel like cleaning their house up. 

Cleaning their houses becomes one dreaded task they wish they don’t have to do especially after a long hectic day so as to say. Thus, to make this task rather convenient for them. In other words, to make sure the busy professionals can get their houses cleaned as a result there is a boost in development of cleaning service app. 

Introducing Cleaning Service Apps

The app connect customers with the professional cleaners in few taps on their smartphone.

All they need to do is download and register with the app. Provide their location details and describe the services they need from the house cleaner. Choose the services from the list, add the time and date when they need the services and book the services. 

Once the user gets service confirmation, the house cleaner arrives as per the time. Thus, making it easy to avail of these services on a whole. 

Popular Cleaning Service Apps Available on Android and iOS Devices 

For Android 

  1. Clean My House – It makes it easy for customers to choose from more 250+ tasks available in the app. The user can schedule it on a daily or a weekly basis. 
  2. House Cleaning List – The app comes with cloud sync capability. This in turn goes on to support them in sharing their cleaning tasks with other members in the house. Share the responsibilities in terms of cleaning the house so as to say. 
  3. Clean House – The app presents users with household chores that they can schedule as per their convenience. Avail these services availed as per the time slot suggested by them. 

For iOS

  1. Tody – The app supports customers to share the cleaning tasks across multiple devices through the cloud syncing capability. It offers wide range of cleaning options that can be done in few taps. 
  2. Home Routines – A revolutionary uber for cleaning service app. Home Routines doesn’t require the customer to have an internet connection in order to utilize the solution. The app helps customers book the cleaning services as per their convenience.

So now that you know about the popular iOS and Android apps that users depend upon to receive cleaning services, make sure you have these present in your respective devices too. These will surely streamline the on demand cleaning services apps for you and make sure you don’t have to put in too much effort or money behind the same.