ride on demand app

Miracles generally happen when people can move, whether across the country or town or in the direction of their fantasy. Good chance becomes visible, open up and then become reality. What started as a method to touch a button to get a ride easily has guided to billions of split seconds of human connection as people living in the world go to all kind of places in all kind of contra with the succor of latest technologies these days. With the boost in technology these days, there are different applications made these days to provide different services to their customers. One of them is the ride on demand app. By a few simple taps on our phone, we can hire a taxi.

Ryda app clone

Discernible features of ride on demand app

Different trip option

ride on demand app provides their users an option for a one-time ride with a round trip option. These apps win customer’s trust by offering discounts on repetitive rides.

Automatic fare generator

ride on demand app provide estimated fare depending upon the distance that has to be covered, vehicle type etc. before the ride is booked.

Operational area setup

These apps set an operational area in the app which is visible to their users, so that the users may know about the services in the mentioned areas.

Payment by choice

Users of this app can pay through net banking, cash, debit cards, credit cards or with the wallet available in the application. Integrated payment gateway provides a quick and safe process of payment.

Simple Login:

It is very easy for the users to register themselves on this kind of application. Users may log in with their email address, phone number or with any social media platform.


Users may refer the app to their friends, colleagues or their family members and may enjoy the discount for their next rides

Multiple language options

ride on demand app supports multiple languages. Changing the language just needs a few simple taps on your phone.

Call Masking

call masking feature allows the user to contact the driver without the exchange of the phone number.

Technical Service

Latest technical support service is desegregated to provide the customers with one-click support service.

SOS Button

In case of an emergency, the rider can simply tap on the SOS option available in the app and the location is automatically shared to the mentioned contacts and the nearest police station

User panel of ride on demand app

  • Find a ride
  • Real-time notifications
  • Ride now
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Feedback option
  • Rider later option
  • SOS buttons
  • Scheduling option
  • Verified Profiles etc.

If you are planning to build your own empire of unbeatable business like the ride on demand app, you can go with Ryda app clone or with any other app that provides you the unique features which can influence your customers easily.