The Roadside Assistance app – A Handy Solution for broken vehicles and other Towing Services

Drivers who are stranded with broken down vehicles, or vendors looking for truck towing services have an instant solution these days. They needn’t panic any longer on whom to beckon for helping them in such instances. You can just look for towing services from Roadside Assistance app that can be readily installed on your hand held device.

Promoting such services to come handy to drivers or product owners who seek towing services is a hot business these days. Why wait for such people to reach out to you over the phone or through personal contacts, when you can be a brand yourself giving your customers an Omni-channel experience? Be the brand that can be launched sooner into the market with a uber for tow trucks app. A faster time to market is completely assured by giving you this white labelled app.

As a brand owner supplying tow services on demand, these are on top of your feature list

–          Language support depending on the country or region where your services are supported

–          Currency support depending on the geography

–          Rich customer interface which is also user friendly

–          Some customer or brand specific requirements are expected to be fit in to the towing app Integrates payment services that are customer friendly and that suits your business

–          Fare estimation so as to help your customers plan and avail the towing services

–          Easy user login to your customers preferably through social logins like Facebook, Google, etc.

The amazing towing apps for the road will help you in all of the requirements. Yes! You heard us right. By venturing into an online business by selling towing services using such an app, your brand is not limited to the above said requirements.

The roadside assistance app will have a custom rich user interface that uniquely identifies your company. It also will have a highly informative and customizable admin panel that can give you a graphical representation of the various analytics pertaining to finance, the towing rides supported and the customers who have converted. A rating and review functionality for the customers and for the drivers who provide the towing service can help boost customer relationship.

With an easy cloud installation and best in industry technical support, the tow truck app can be launched pretty easily and help you market your services to the outside world. An app like the Uber towing that provides cashless transactions, real time truck status and tracking, fare and ETA estimation and also a SOS panic button feature is going to be a sure hit among the people who are constantly seeking towing services for their needs. The feature list will be an attractive factor for them pursuing them to avail your services through this on demand roadside assistance app.

So what are you waiting for? Download and install our demo apps to understand the varied features that are offered and decide how they can be customized for your brand!