gojek clone app features

The Gojek clone app is one of the world’s most sought after on demand multi service business. Today, most smart entrepreneurs are investing in this app so that they can earn a lot of money by helping most local service providers make a living and also allowing your users to get every kind of service easily. 

We depend on technology heavily. For almost every service, we always rely on technology. This is why; the Gojek clone app has become so popular in the market. The Gojek clone script has been the topic of discussion for a long time, but today let us discuss further regarding what the Gojek clone script is what the various components it has are. Then we will dive into the top 5 features that make this app successful.


The Gojek clone app is a multi service app based platform. This means that it is a digital platform that allows users and service providers to interact with each other and conclude the purchase and the sale of various services. 

The Gojek clone script is one of the most holistic service platforms that has over 82 services within itself. The app is modelled after the primary Gojek app created in Indonesia. That app was started as a bike taxi booking option in Indonesia. 

Later, people started understanding the potential of this application. This is why; they expanded it in multiple directions such as parcel delivery and more. This is where, the Go-jek clone app took inspiration and channelled itself in to a multi service application. 

Today, there are so many variations in this space that you would come across different types of Gojek clone apps. Each developer and development team creates its own variation of the Gojek app clone. 

The app has different features and therefore, when you purchase the app you have to make sure that you only purchase the one with the right set of features. Now that we have discussed everything about the Gojek clone app, let us now take a look at the top 5 features of the app. 


As discussed above, has many variations. Therefore, it is important to note the features that are important for the app. 


The Gojek clone app is a solution that does not require users and service providers to worry about multiple downloads. The users can simply download the app once and log in to it just once. 


The new world is riddled with new problems. The pandemic truly changed the way we are used to do many things. This is why our apps now need to have features that promote and support hygiene and safety. The features within the Gojek app clone should be such that they take into consideration the CoVid 19 protocols laid by their governments. 


If you wish to launch your app in a non English speaking country or a place where dollar is not the primary currency, or even in multiple countries, you will have to make sure that your Gojek clone script has the local language or languages and local currency or currencies integrated within the app. 


One of the most important aspects of on demand apps is the location tracking feature. Therefore make sure that your Gojek clone script has this feature as well. 


Thus app has over 82 different services. It might get difficult for users to be able to look for the service they are interested in particular. This is where you can help by making sure that your Gojek clone app has a separate landing page with further categories in the app. 


The Gojek clone app is the best bet in the modern market. If you want to make sure that you can grow your on demand mobile app based multi service business, then this one is a no brainer. The only problem that may arise is the sheer confusion owing to the number of options that are available in the market. This is why; it is always advisable to take your time with the search for the right app.

Look for solutions that are white label in nature so that you can get the required customisations easily. What’s more, white labelled apps would also means that you can launch your ready made app on the Google Play store and the iOS app store in a matter of just 5 business days. 

The sooner you hit the market, the faster you can start generating revenues. All in all, for every smart entrepreneur interested in generating a whole lot of profits quickly and easily, it is important for you to make sure that you invest in app like Gojek today!