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When it comes to the role that technology has played in a lot of businesses, each day brings a new surprise. With the whole On demand business model, a complicated and unregulated task of hailing a cab too has become an easy task. But what is the most useful and revolutionary feature of the app based taxi hailing business? The GPS navigation feature.

How does it work?

The GPS system is essentially a feature that points out your location on the map and makes sure that you can read your own position and that of the location that you need to go. While a lot of users had already started relying on Google maps to help them reach their destination, integrating it with the taxi app has made sure that it becomes absolutely easy for the driver as well as the user to get to where they want to go without any hassles.

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The Driver End

Now, it is not necessary that just because you are a driver you should know the topography, the roads and the area that you have gotten a job request from at the back of your hand. It is entirely possible that the driver is new to the area and doesn’t know much at all about the area.

In such a situation, he driver becomes completely dependent on the advice that people on the streets give him. This advice could be terribly wrong or accurate, but there’s no way that the driver can know that beforehand. Such suspense for road directions is not only unnecessary, but also unwanted.

The Rider

For a rider, after hailing a taxi, how does he know that the driver has taken the right turn? Or is he heading in the right direction? The Rider will just have to wait for the driver to keep calling him for directions or to finally tell him that he just can’t make it to where you are so, you’d be better off cancelling the ride altogether.

This situation is just an addition to one where the rider too is unaware of where he wants to go. So, even if the driver makes it to the right pick up location, how will they both get to the place where they need to go to? Once again, rely on the mercy of strangers on the road.

An app with Navigation

This is a solution to all the problems that a rider and the driver might have. The rider can easily locate exactly where the driver is right from the time they make the booking of the cab. So, once the rider uses the app to hire a taxi, he will immediately get the location of the taxi. Then they will be able to trace the movement of the taxi.

It is easy to tell where exactly the taxi is and they will be able to tell them in case the taxi is headed in the wrong direction. What’s more, it will also guide the driver as well as the rider find their destination easily and effectively. So, if you have big plans of converting your business into a modern business with the right kind of ease of operation for both your drivers and riders, then it is a must that you get yourself a taxi booking app which has the GPS function.

Most reliable tech companies would give you an app with this feature already built in, but if they don’t, you know you must switch to someone else!