bus app

BusNow clone app is an on-demand Public Bus service which provides appreciable service to the people of Singapore. It helps them to cover their distance from one place to another in a short period of time.

Some benefits of using Public Bus are as follows

It reduces air pollution:

By using public buses, it decreases the level of pollution in the air. It is possible as it picks up and drops off a number of different people from different places. Whereas, when a person travels from one place to another with a single driver it promotes air pollution.

Buses emit 10% as much hydrocarbons, 20 less carbon monoxide and 75% as much nitrogen oxides per passenger mile than a means of transport with a single person.

It is helpful in supporting communities financially:

For each and every amount of money invested in the public transport, it gives $4 in economic return. With this, 50,000 jobs are created for every $1 billion in investment in the following sector.

It helps in increasing fuel efficiency:

Public buses help in reducing air pollution, but along with this, it also contributes in increasing the fuel efficiency as it helps in a large number of people in transporting them from one place to another at the same time, therefore it saves fuel. A country like America is on the track of saving 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline every year.

Public buses reduce traffic congestion:

Public transportation like taxi and Buses may easily convey more people at a time in much less space. It also decrease automobiles on the roads, so it is a great way to reduce the traffic congestion on the roads.

The cheaper way to travel:

Using public buses are the cheapest way to cover our distance from one place to another without the involvement of any kind of complications. It costs very less if we compare it with our personal car.

Increase in mobility:

This service is great for those who don’t drive or don’t know to drive or the ones who are handicapped. Bus service allows them to get to their work, office schools, Grocery shop without having to engage a relative or friend to drive for you.

It increases healthier habits:

Public transportation like Bus increases the healthier habits as people who use this kind of service are said to face or get more than 3 times the amount of physical activity per day than those who are just dependent on their personal vehicles to cover their distance and reach their destination.

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