Uber Android App Clone – Women Drivers for Female Feel Secure

Ride Sharing App

Every day you hear or read about female molestation and harassment, if not locally then somewhere in the world. It is even more horrendous when the female in question is a teenager. Women all over the world are vary of travelling on their own and the scared of getting in a taxi. What happens when … Read more

Taxi Firms can Invest in Tracking Apps and Beat Uber Android App Clone

GrabTaxi Or Uber

I have come across many articles on the internet, in the papers, on social media pages whereby there is information. About how Uber is taking over the taxi business and that is the reason many cab companies across the world are suffering. However, I have good news for all these struggling cab companies. Many companies … Read more

Ubermoto app : Two Wheeler Designed for On Demand Bikes

on demand bikes

The motorcycle is a vehicle used for commuting in many underdeveloped countries in the world. In fact, they are manufactured and ridden in countries that are outside of the “western world”, or the “developed countries” arena. Not only that, the motorcycle is also the most common type of motor vehicle. Research and statistics show that … Read more