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There is no doubt about the fact that the recent CoVid-19 pandemic has shattered the comfortable routine of lives that most of us enjoy. However, the only business that seems to be thriving during this apocalypse is the Contactless Delivery business. One of the most important ones of this is the On Demand Grocery Delivery business. 

Many countries around the world have already started enjoying the luxury of getting the choice of their require groceries delivered straight to their doorsteps. Many achieve this via a phone call to their local grocer. While others choose to pop into their regular shops. Write the list of their shopping needs which their local vendor dutifully delivers at a later time. 

contatless delivery

Needless to say, this arrangement isn’t the most suitable one for the present scenario. In a day where the best precaution towards preventing this diabolical disease is social distancing, governments globally have declared emergency lockdowns. 

But even during the most difficult times, people will always need their life essentials such as groceries and food. To facilitate this outbreak, the best option is to place orders using an app and getting everything one needs delivered right to their doorsteps at the pre destined hour. 

How does the app work?

Typically, an on demand grocery delivery app would work in the following way:

  1. User logs in to the app.
  2. User can see a list of nearby stores (or one store based on the type of app).
  3. On clicking the store, the user can access a list of all the items up for sale. 
  4. They can select the quantity and the products and add them to the cart.
  5. They can then proceed to check out the products.
  6. The user can add the address on which they want the products delivered.
  7. They may also choose a timeslot that suits them best for delivery.
  8. The payment for the products can be made online using their net banking. 

What does Contactless Delivery mean?

Pandemics such as this are something to be wary about. Since this disease spreads so fast and is contagious from people to people, the best form of delivery seems to be contactless. In such type of a delivery, when the delivery personnel reaches the predetermined location at the preselected time, he simply places the goods at the spot. He also clicks a picture of the goods dropped at the location and sends it to the user. The user (by means of the app) is notified of the delivery and can pick it up. 

on demand grocery delivery app

During this entire transaction, the user doesn’t require to be in physical contact with anybody from the supply chain. This is a very clear and easy path to making grocery delivery a possibility during a pandemic like CoVid-19.

Are you in the business yet?

If your business is already hurting due to the Corona Virus pandemic, this could be the best opportunity for you to thrive with a new one. The on demand grocery delivery business is a very effective and very popular option in the present times. 

The best thing for you to do is not waste time and jump on to the bandwagon of the On Demand Delivery business. While there are multiple parallels to this business, such as parcel delivery, food delivery and much more, grocery delivery is the best possible solution in the present scenario. 

Regardless of the emergency situation we are thrown into, people will always need grocery essentials to sustain their lifestyles. This is why, this business could be your chance to help the citizens of your country while ensuring that your business does well too. 

Things to watch out for:

While it may all seem very interesting, it is of utmost importance to make sure that the choice of app you make for your business is the best one. Please understand that building a complex app such as this can be an expensive and time consuming chore. 

You cannot afford to spend too much time on such a thing because the best way to capitalize on this business is now. In light of that, it is perhaps the best to procure a readymade app. The best way to go about this is to purchase a delivery app clone which has already been tried and tested in the market. 

Once you get such an app, make sure that you only get it after having taken a complete demo of the app. It will help you get a complete idea of exactly how the app will function once you roll it out in the market. However, that’s not just it. It is also important to understand whether the app is good for your locality or not. 

Local Properties of Your App

For any app to be successful, it is imperative to ensure that the people of your region can utilize the app to its fullest extent. To this effect, there are 2 primary things that you must note:

  1. Language integration: The application that you launch for your people must be integrated with your country’s local language. This means that while the app provides a standard language option of English, it should also provide the option of being usable in the local language of your region. 
  2. Currency integration: This is another critical function of your app. To ensure that people in your area can place grocery orders and buy them seamlessly through the application itself, it is important that your app has the local currency integrated within it. In case you want to launch the on demand grocery delivery app in multiple countries, your application should be able to have multiple currency options as well. 


On the whole, the On Demand Grocery Delivery business is on the rise. It is the right time to set foot in this business and go forth with it in full stead. This will allow you to offer best services to your country in order to prevent the contagion of Corona Virus. This could be your perfect opportunity to provide service to your country while ensuring that you can get a good and thriving business. 

Just ensure that you have the right app for your business and only purchase it from a reliable app builder who has at least a decade’s experiencing in launching and building apps for iOS as well as Android. It is important to also ensure that you get at least 365 days of bug redressal to ensure that if you get stuck anywhere in between, the app makers are always there to assist you.