Uber Clone App Development

Without a doubt, Uber dominates the market for cab booking apps. It began as a little ride-hailing service in San Francisco in March 2009 and today serves a staggering 10,000 cities in 80 countries. Additionally, Uber Clone App Development has expanded the selection of taxis that can be reserved, including Uber Auto, Uber Black, Uber Green, Uber Lux, Uber Pool, Scooters, and UberXL.

Uber also makes money from food delivery through Uber Eats and business services through Uber for Business (meal delivery and taxi booking services for small and large companies).

10 Rare Facts About Contemporary Uber Clone App Development

Login using your fingerprint and face ID

While iPhone users must use Face ID, Android users of this taxi booking app must log in with their fingerprints. Riders are no longer required to remember their passwords every time they wish to make a taxi reservation.

Back-to-Back Trips

Taxi drivers are permitted to accept consecutive rides and are not even required to wait for the current trip to finish. The purpose of this feature is to increase taxi drivers’ productivity. To accomplish more trips in a shorter amount of time, it is important not to waste even a single second waiting for ride requests.

Adding Multiple Credit Cards

This Uber clone script has been thoroughly tested and is programmed to allow for the real-time management of several credit cards. Cab Drivers can also add other Credit Cards to their Service Providers’ accounts. This feature is not solely available to Registered Passengers. As needed and desired, they are free to add new cards or even remove old ones.

Rent the Taxi

V3Cube’s Uber clone app allows you to provide Taxi Rental Services. Your users can now book taxi rentals for their outstation or long-distance travel. With fair pricing and the availability of various taxi models to choose from, it is stress-free to travel.

Video Calling The Taxi Driver

Your customers may now communicate directly with their taxi drivers thanks to video calls! Previously, riders could use the in-app feature to send SMS messages online or make phone calls. Both taxi drivers and clients are permitted to use this function.

Car-pooling/Ride Sharing

With the help of this feature, a rider can save money, split the cost of rides along the same route, and increase the amount of money that the driver makes by being able to drop off and pick up several passengers in the course of a single trip.

Shop, stop, or eat while Driving

The rider can utilize this function to pause their journey along the way and complete chores like shopping at their preferred mall or eating at their preferred diner, restaurant, or café.

Location-wise Push Notifications

The administrator can geotag the location to target the customers accordingly. This helps to flash the promo codes, important announcements, slash pricing, etc., and get the desired results.

Restricted Passenger Fraud

We’ve included a new feature that prevents the Driver from marking the Rider’s ride as “Arrived” until he is X meters or feet away from the pickup location. Drivers have been flagging rides as “Arrived” even though they are far from the pickup location, according to reports we’ve been receiving.

Multiple Languages and Currencies

The app comes equipped with 10 languages and currencies to choose from, including English and American USD. Therefore, you can launch your Taxi Business anywhere globally that works like Uber.

Final Thoughts

Entrepreneurs that want to create a taxi booking app similar to Uber must invest a lot of time and money to get their product on the market. However, working with V3Cube on bespoke Uber clone app development would be a more affordable option.

For users and drivers, our skilled development team will produce robust Android and iOS apps. A contemporary online panel facilitates the immediate reservation of rides. Controlling daily business activities is made easier with the aid of an advanced admin dashboard.