on demand service app

The on-demand service industry especially gained a large number of users due to the digitization of its services with the assistance of the on-demand service applications. One of the major industries that witnessed a transformational and a catastrophic change due to the digitization of its services is the home service.

Until a point, one could not have even thought that one could book home services through the medium of an application. However, thanks to the digitization f these services too due to the on-demand home services application, users can get quick and convenient home services from qualified service professionals.

According to a recent study that was done by the New York Times, it has been found that the US online on-demand home service sector is 600 billion dollars and is growing steadily and would grow at a CAGR of 49 percent by the year 2021.

Some of the popular on-demand home services have been mentioned below.

Types of On-Demand Home Services

  1. Handyman On-Demand Service
  2. Mechanic On-Demand Service
  3. Mowing On-Demand Service
  4. Snow Plowing On-Demand Service
  5. Electrician On-Demand Service
  6. Carpenter On-Demand Service

Now that we know the basic statistical reports about the on-demand home service sector, the advantages it has for the user and the different types of on-demand house services, we need to understand the reasons an on-demand home service app helps users to book home services online in a quick as well as a convenient manner.

Reasons Why On-Demand Home Service Apps Help Users to Book Home Services Online in a Quick Way


The gallery present in the on-demand home service applications helps the user to go through the previous work of the home services professionals and find the best one for them.

Quick Booking

As soon as a user logs into the on-demand house service application, they simply need to add their location, get a list of the nearby service providers and book the service provider for their house due to the user-friendly interface of the app thus making the process of home service booking an easy and a robust process.

Smooth Payment

Users can choose from multiple methods of payment like cash, card or wallet to book the home services thus making it a smooth payment process for them.

Book Now or Schedule for Later

Users can book the home services from the on-demand home service app for the same day or schedule it for a later date thus making it an easy and robust process for them to book the home services online.

Save Location

When a new user logs in to the on-demand home service application, they need to add their location which in turn gets saved. Thus, every time when they book house services online, they do not need to add the location. The location automatically gets detected and makes the booking process fast and robust for them.

Thus, to sum up, we can conclude by saying that thanks to the on-demand home service application, users can book home services online in a quick and robust manner and get convenient home services.