Veezu taxi clone

Due to the rise of on-demand ride-hailing apps like Veezu Taxi Clone, the competition of taxi apps have surged in cities like London, Manchester, or Birmingham. Although the taxi business in Swindon is less competitive than in other places, it is important for any new business to publish their app as soon as possible. In this blog, you will learn about Taxi Booking in Swindon and clone app development in detail.


You might have heard about the news of Uber coming to Swindon? A few locals have managed to snag rides from Uber drivers passing through, but the company still needs to set up shop here officially.

This could be the perfect opportunity for an ambitious go-getter like yourself! If you start your own Taxi Booking business in Swindon now, you can get a head start on building your brand and customer base before Uber rolls into town and the competition really heats up.

However, it’s better to take a look at some key implications important for every entrepreneur starting to launch their Taxi business in Swindon.

Taxi Regulations in Swindon

Running an on-demand taxi business has rules you’ll need to follow. In Swindon, regular taxis are called “hackney carriages,” they’re licensed to pick up passengers from taxi ranks or when people hail them on the street.

Then there are private hire cars, which can only give pre-booked rides to the passengers. They’re not allowed to use taxi ranks or pick up random people flagging them down. Breaking these rules is a big no – your business license could get suspended temporarily, leaving your completion to bloom until you sort things out.

However, if you invest in an app rather than starting from scratch, breaking any regulation would be rare in this case. Moreover, finding a clone app nowadays seems to be the bigger issue as opposed to starting a business in a new market. Let’s understand clone apps particularly Veezu Taxi Clone.

What is Veezu Taxi Clone?

Veezu is the UK’s fastest-growing technology platform. In 2022, Veezu had more than 10,000 fully licensed vehicles helping pedestrians with their taxi demands. Moreover, the Veezu group expanded their services in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and Derbyshire in 2023. It was ranked sixth for its fleet size by Taxi Summit. Customers and drivers uses Veezu’s service via the apps available at Google and Apple Stores.

The Veezu Taxi Clone app was made with the original Veezu taxi app as an inspiration for their overall design and development. However, certain changes were made to help entrepreneurs purchase a complete clone app package. It primarily includes native apps for passengers and drivers, an admin panel, and a website.

Features of Veezu Taxi Clone App Package

Passenger Apps

  • Easy Onboarding
  • Quick Bookings
  • Schedule Ride
  • Live Tracking
  • Fare Estimates
  • Emergency Button
  • Referral Program
  • Seamless Payments
  • Notification Alerts
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Trip Sharing
  • Trip History
  • Mark Favorites
  • Book For Others
  • In-app Chat

Driver Apps

  • Surge Pricing
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • Start/End Trip
  • Driver Dashboard
  • Track Earnings
  • Rate Customers
  • Secure Login

Admin Panel

  • Manage Drivers/Customers
  • Live Fleet Tracking
  • Payments Management
  • Notifications Management
  • Promotions Management
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Kiosk Bookings
  • Intelligent Taxi Dispatch System

Tips before the Actual Launch with Veezu Clone

Use Veezu Clone to Increase to Fleet

Starting your own taxi business can be expensive, but there’s a smarter way to do it that can save you a bunch of money upfront. If you plan to go all-in with your own fleet of cabs, investing in a pre-built, white-label taxi app makes a lot of sense.

Moreover, these ready-made apps are way more affordable than building one from scratch. And get this – since cars lose value over time, an app like the Veezu Clone can help you get local drivers who own their personal vehicles to join your business.

Get Insurance Covered

Rather than shelling out tons of cash at the very start, a white-label taxi app allows you to launch your full-service operation smarter and more cost-effectively. Furthermore, whether you’re just starting out with a single cab or you’ve already got a whole fleet going, you must make sure to get the best deal on taxi insurance. It’s such an easy way to save your business some serious cash.

If you’ve got multiple cars, think about potentially saving a fortune a year by trimming those insurance payments on each vehicle. Why pay more than you have to? Even if it’s just one taxi for now, comparing rates from different insurers could put hundreds or thousands of dollars back in your pocket annually.

Overall, investing a little time into shopping around for better insurance rates is a no-brainer move for protecting your business’s assets. Keep that money off the table when you could be pocketing those savings.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Many people will still pay by cash, but for most cabbies, your app will allow them to receive payment by credit/debit cards. Moreover, your drivers can even bypass physical cards altogether by accepting secure digital wallets and mobile payments straight through the app.

The best part? Full encryption safeguards to keep those transactions hyper-secure at every stage. Your customers can rest easy knowing their money are utterly untouchable to any pesky hackers or identity thieves.

So whether it’s old-fashioned paper or new-age digital funds, your app is hooking up payments every which way. Still, it’s worth doing some market research in the early days to figure out what payment options Swindon residents prefer.

How Does White-Labeling Work?

With one of those white-label taxi booking app solutions, you can make that app your own. It becomes all about putting your company front and center.

However, the Veezu Taxi Clone app takes it a step further. This taxi clone app has been ready to go global since day one. Multiple currencies? Check. Tons of payment gateway options to let you take money anywhere seamlessly? Double check.

From start to finish, uploading those native user and driver apps to the iOS and Android stores takes about 6 to 9 days! In an instant, you’re up and running lightning-fast.

Furthermore, Taxi Booking in Swindon can be done with the help of apps and local taxicabs. In between all this, if you can find a way to balance out the commissions and offer cost-effective rides at the start, you can slowly make your way to the top. Forget Uber or Lyft; changing customer behavior demands fresh apps that surpass expectations with quick driver availability and fast customer support.


Getting a 100% licensed source code White Label Taxi App is a dream come true for a budding entrepreneur. Find a clone app development company that has been working in this niche for over a decade. They will guide you to get the best Veezu Taxi Clone to start your business for your customers.