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It’s quite a true fact that before building taller structure first you will have to build a broader base and for a broader base, you will require more building material. Well, here the topic is not about Civil engineering, it’s about multi-service business. A multi-service business is not commenced as similar to any product of a single service business. The process is the same but the resources are required in huge amount.

A multi-service business is a big deal to handle and once this same business is successful, it requires more focus to maintain it. Also, it is obvious that multi-service business requires expansion at the period of time or else the demands increases but the supply remains the same. Expansion does not mean increasing the numbers of services, expansion means opening more business sites in different locations.

Multi-Service Business

Business expansion leads to effortless marketing that allows consumers to acknowledge the business as well as the services. However, it is actually very essential to maintain the productivity of a multi-service business. Also, there are advantages too in maintaining the same business.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of maintaining and establishing multiple business sites in different locations.


You already have services to provide but many times customer ignores the service that he or she wants. Which means your customer is already gone. It is better to link all the services together so that if your customer ignores your one service, at least he or she gets to know more about the other services of yours. For example, Google’s all the services are linked with each other. If you want to use Google Docs, you will have to log in to your Gmail account. Or else, you will not be able to use that service of Google.

After Sale Service

Of course! The services are provided by you and the customer who is enjoying is many. Here, the service provider is one i.e., you and your customers are many if there is any problem that your customer faces regarding the services; he or she will directly contact you for the solution. In this case, many multi-service business companies do not have support service for their on-demand services. Make sure you have a well-trained staff that handles all the queries of your customer. Or else, your customers will abandon you as well as your services too and you can face a huge loss in your business.

Maintain Your Business Model

You may have heard about GoJek, a multi-service business start-up that was founded in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have their own interactive business model through which they provide their services to their customers. GoJek is successful almost every country of Southeast Asia just because of their amazing business model.

If you have a business model too for your multi-service business, consider maintaining it on a regular period of time.

Here are the benefits of multi-site locations:

Lower risk of loss as it is just one location. For example, if you expanded your business in more than six different places throughout the country then you will be having six different working places. If one of your workplaces goes down due to the loss in that same area then it won’t be bothering you. Because still, you will be having another five locations under control. This why the risk of complete business loss is very less.

Recruiting staff is much easier as you can hire the local candidates of the place where you have set up your new business sites. Also, you can get help from them in knowing what services are more in demand. Actually, hiring native people is the best deal to make your business more profitable. They can tell you what is the scenario of their land through which you can make various strategies to provide services to the people who actually require.

Also, it will enable you to make good contact in the area or the city or even country where you have landed newly. With new contacts, you can get more resources and supply. You can achieve more leads and sale and the best thing is, you and your multi-service business will be in profit.

Customer Demand

You will come to know more about the demands of the customers. The more you will explore the new land, the more you will be getting information. Business’s first ethic to find more and more information about the demands and information about the market. Once you achieve all the information regarding the demands and requirement, there will be nothing to stop you from being the king of the market. Because you have the key recipe, all you have to do is implementation.

If your business site is in a different country, you can study their market condition as well as their market culture too. It will help you in doing business with other existing market leaders and will also allow you to make connections with them too. Make sure to keep helping them and in return, you will be getting help from them too.

A multi-service Business like GoJek

If you have any service-based business plan, consider commencing it with a business model like GoJek. A business model brings the service provider and the customer close and results in better customer satisfaction. Find an app providing company and get your GoJek like Business model today.