Hail the new cab revolution with Uber Clone

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Coming and going from one area to another is essential and inescapable part of our personal life. We are required to travel because of personal and business reasons. Different means of transportation like buses and trains do not operate our preferences. Additionally, they are overcrowded. In this case, hiring a taxi service is the best … Read more

Rely on us with Uber clone

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Taxi cabs are well-known holdings of many people who require rides but they don’t want to squabble with the rental cab or their own car. Different people are doing business out-of-town for the people who are searching for painless taxi service to cover their distance from one place to another using the taxi cabs. Many … Read more

Help your Customers to feel the change of the taxi industry with Buy Uber clone

Uber Clone

With the changing technology and the changing world, there is a number of applications built nowadays to fulfill the requirements of the customers by providing them with a number of services. There are different apps which provide different services to their customers or apps which provides almost all the services on one single buy uber … Read more

Uber Clone – Now has the feature of automatic toll calculation for its drivers!

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Every day ride-hailing companies introducing a new feature in these apps. One such uber clone feature is the auto toll calculation. If you want to know how the auto toll fare is calculated in the uber clone, then read on. Most of us are not even aware of toll calculation. It basically charged when a vehicle … Read more

Develop Most popular Taxi Booking App Script for your Business

Uber clone

The subsequent launch of the Uber clone after the global success of Uber has given birth to an industry that has never been seen or heard before. The on-demand service industry. In fact, since early last year, this industry has been growing by leaps and bounds and looks like it is on a boom to date, with new on demand apps being launched for various services. Entrepreneurs are making full use of this concept and technology for various niches in the service industry. One of the popular ones is the taxi booking business.

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Isn’t it better to develop an app from scratch?

This is a question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves. Looking at it from an economic and futuristic point of view, the answer to this question is “no”. Building an app from scratch costs a lot of money, not to forget the amount of time taken to develop it. If an app built from scratch with just the basic features. It would cost you quite a lot of money, money in the region of five figured dollars, give or take a few. However, if you were to get an uber clone then the cost would be reduce by almost 75%. Today there are many development companies who are in a business of developing clones.

It is better to approach one of these and see what they have for you, what they can do for you. These app clones are as good as the original if not better. Remember a new app will have a few hiccups whilst the clone will be clean. All these hiccups will have been address at the time of development.

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Uber Android App Clone – Women Drivers for Female Feel Secure

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Every day you hear or read about female molestation and harassment, if not locally then somewhere in the world. It is even more horrendous when the female in question is a teenager. Women all over the world are vary of travelling on their own and the scared of getting in a taxi. What happens when … Read more