Temizlikyolda app clone

Temizlikyolda app clone acts as a bridge between customers and laundry companies by ordering online laundry. We are here for you to choose from a range of laundry companies and to purchase reliable and quality services. Healthy, hygienic conditions, the aesthetics of the cleaning of your home and your body reflects the image. We provide you with contact with the laundry companies and laundry services that provide services for your district. You can obtain information about the washing prices by selecting the products you want to use for cleaning services; you can purchase the service that suits your budget.

It is an award-winning internet company for your cleaning needs such as Home Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Dry Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Curtain Washing, Seat Washing. You can find individual cleaning staff serving in the regions nearest you to your address and finding services in dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, seat washing, and curtain cleaning services.

When choosing cleaning companies you can create online orders that you can choose by comparing them according to criteria such as cleaning prices, points, comments, booking status. Continuous points earned on your completed orders, you can use your points in the next order of cleaning service. You can make your payments online or you can choose the installment option on a credit card.

Are employees insured?

When creating your reservation, you can make the daily insurance of the personnel who will come to your address on the day of service. You can ensure the staff from our booking page very easily in case of any accidents.

What is and what not included in the cleaning?

You will determine what to do in the cleaning process. You can specify a request or leave a note to the staff to conclude the service as desired. The personnel will be available at your address as long as the period of service you have purchased and will leave your address when the service period expires.

Cleaning after construction, garden, garage, steam cleaning, stacked garbage or areas with excessive pet pollution, changing of items over 12kg, insect and pest spraying, deep stain removal, seat and carpet cleaning, wall ceiling and deletion of normal access areas not included.

Cleaning is not applicable in areas that are not in your common areas or areas outside your area of ​​service. You can create an order for those areas that have a common area or outside the cleaning area.

Are the windows removed from the outside?

Yes, but if you are on a high level of safety because of the safety of the cleaning staff cannot be hung out of the glass can be removed from the inside as far as possible. If you wish, you can obtain a glass wiping device for the staff. With the wiping apparatus, the personnel can perform your operation without sagging.

If the period is not sufficient, you can increase the number of staff or the number of staff in your next service.

Very Easy to Order

You can give your home cleaning weekly / monthly!

You can also order online in other services such as Dry Cleaning, Curtain Washing, Carpet and Seat Washing, Laundry, Ironing.

Instant Booking and Service

You can choose any date and make a reservation.

Pay Safe!

We are working with Iyzico, the highest level PCI-DSS (Payment Card Sector Data Security Standard) serfitic payment platform. You can also use other payment options such as BKM Express. You can make instalments on payments made with online credit card.

If you have a plan to become a successful entrepreneur and want to start your own business, then you can go with temizlikyolda app clone which provides almost all the necessary features that a home cleaning company should provide to their customers.