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Gojek is a startup company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This brand provides almost all the services to their customers such as car -rentals, dog walking app, housecleaning app, a dating app, escort service app, on-demand alcohol delivery app, on-demand weed delivery app, on-demand food delivery app, tour guide app, etc.

With the boom in the tourism industry, different reputed companies launched their own tourist applications. So that it makes easier for the customers to enjoy their trips with a professional tourist guide.

gojek clone

Tourism is integrative business and therefore includes many different collaborators for its functional activities. Professional tour guides are hired by big travel companies, cruise lines, visitor bureaus or by an individual. In the world equipped with advanced technology, different applications are available. These provide a different number of services to the customers. One such service is the Tour guide app. This app integrated into Gojek clone app.

There are many positive aspects of hiring a guide with a Tour guide app

Regional Language

The professional tourists have undergone through training like certified tour professional training or they may be certified by the government. Tour guides are allotted with a specific area of which they have proper knowledge. So that they don’t face any problem with the tourist and can even provide them with a satisfactory result. 

Tackling with the problems

Visitors might face the problem of language. They often have to handle the difficult situations of bureaucracy for getting permission from different activities like fishing, climbing, camping etc. Language may act as a barrier for the visitors. But the tourist guides help the visitors to complete their things efficiently and effectively. They are well aware of the language and the different authorities of the area from where to get permission to complete work.


A well trained and professional guide will always make you aware of the danger during the trip. They will always try their best to keep the visitors safe. They will provide the proper knowledge to the visits about safety while undertaking adventurous activities like scuba diving, safari trips, trekking, white water rafting, mountain climbing, etc.

It saves our time

The tour guide will make all the necessary arrangements related to travel, reservations and every big to a small necessary arrangement for your trip which makes the trip more interesting and wonderful.

It is very simple to hire a professional tourist guide with this app. You just have to provide your contact number, email address or any social media platform through which you can make login or register yourself into the app. After creating the profile or by signing in, enable your GPS system. Then request for a tourist guide. In a few minutes, your tour guide will contact you and you can enjoy the trip.

Only one app that will succeed which will provide amazing services to their users. With the growing love for traveling, there are different tour guide apps launched. They have a very mind-blowing response in the industry. If you also want to start your own app to guide your customers during their trips by providing them with a well-professional and trained guide and earn the unbelievable amount of profit, then you can launch tour guide app which is credible and reliable.