taxi app solution Ghana

Yenko taxi clone app is a Ghana-based taxi business providing their customers with an astonishing wonderful service. Whether it is day time or night time, with a few simple clicks, we can hire a taxi.

Yenko taxi app for women

Job vacancies for female drivers have increased more and more. When we speak or think about vehicular direction, a male figure soon comes to mind. But even today Yenko taxi app clone wants to increase the number of women drivers who provide services. We see that women are already more common in front of collectives such as buses and school buses. Also to an increase in the number of women common drivers and riding bikes as well.

Now, those who say that a woman does not drive well is mistaken. There are women better than many men. They are good at overtaking, parking, and many other things. These are sometimes even the oldest letter leave of our desire. It is worth remembering that the vehicles are increasingly evolved, i.e the quality of drivers should also be … could be a proportional number. Unfortunately, it is not! But let’s talk a little bit about the fact that there’s a lot of drivers that are incapable, regardless of sex … it just does barbarity, closes other vehicles, does not give arrows or barely knows about badges or worse … with no concept of traffic laws. Worse, when one does not have a sense of direction it aggravates the whole thing even more.

Motivating Women empowerment

Women and men are capable yes, the problem is the system that is flawed from start to finish. Deviations from funds, rubber or silicone fingers … just finger-taping and so on. Talking to a new, empowered female friend, she says she’s too scared to drive. Ada more explained about the stressed traffic and that the absence of tolerance with new drivers is very great. She prefers automated cars because she believes she still needs to improve her sense of space. But here comes another question. Will automated cars give drivers more safety or is this placebo? I would say that manual cars give more safety after all the control is all yours. For example, if it is not fully calibrated it will leave us looking for performance, consumption and even safety.

John has been a driver since 2004, today he says that he really like driving. He has already done barbeques, of course, but he never suffered a serious accident or it really spoiled the vehicle. Encouraging, pushing the car in the front, slapping the side, or breaking the rearview mirror are standard procedures, just to play with. But they are actually commonplace things, that with the passage of time the control that you will get from the steering, mirrors and clutch make all the difference in the quality of your later answers.

The big question is that even really qualified, know how to make arrows, make safe turns and overtakes. Today the pedestrian walks in the street and still finds it bad that you follow with your eyes so slow in the steps … well everyone is in the rush these days, but the preference is always his, remember that. Pedestrians, be careful. In case of run over the driver or motorcyclist will be penalized, but you can stop walking or worse. For a better life in traffic (these tips are for all of us, including some to remember always.

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