uber clone

The taxi industry has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. What seems to be a normal process was today probably a very far fetch idea long ago. The Uber Clone app has brought convenience right in to the hands of the taxi drivers and the riders all over the world. 

In today’s blog post, we will discuss mostly about the flow of the Uber Clone app that allows users to book their taxis with just a tap of a button on their smart phones and later get into the details of how one can create their own on demand online taxi booking business with the help of an Uber Clone app. 

What Is The Uber Clone App?

The Uber Clone app is an app design after the primary Uber app to allow users to make taxi bookings easily with their smart phones. This app works seamlessly on Android as well as iOS platforms making it one of the most loved taxi solutions globally.

While the word clone does tend to confuse things, make no mistake, building an app like Uber is a tedious and time consuming affair. There is no copying and pasting of code strings, but rigorous market research and writing and developing codes right from the ground up. 

Basically, the Uber app is use as a stencil because many users have already booked rides on it and it can therefore act as a proof of concept for the flow of the app that maximum number of people are comfortable with. 

In order to create an Uber Clone app, a development team equipped with high end infrastructure working only with the most advance technology stack is require. IT may take as long as a couple of years to actually create a viable and market ready solution. 

This is why; instead of building their own taxi booking app from the ground up, most taxi entrepreneurs prefer to purchase a market ready app. That can simply be white label as per their convenience using their logos and brand names. The process of white labeling should take anywhere between 3 to 5 working days and then the app can be launch on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store. 

The Flow Of The Uber Clone App

The uber clone app has been fashioned after the Uber app because it offers a sense of familiarity to the users. As most users are already ‘used to’ booking a taxi on an app in a particular way. It make most sense in offering them a solution that doesn’t require for them to unlearn anything in order to be able to use your app. 

Let us try to get the finer points about the flow of the app now. We will look at it from the Rider’s as well as the Driver’s point of view.


  • The first step is to download the app and then logging into it. The process of logging in can be done using their existing social media accounts like Facebook, or through their email Accounts like Gmail. They may even fill out a short registration form in order to register into the app. This form will include details of their name, address etc. 
  • The next step comes into play at the time of booking the taxi. They can open the app and then enter the pick up and drop destination for the ride. 
  • On doing that the app should display all the types of vehicles available in their area. The user can select the vehicle type based on the number of people traveling, and the budget. For example, there are options of bike, hatchback cars, sedans, SUVs and more to choose from.
  • After selection, the app shows an estimated cost for the ride, post which the rider can make the booking. 
  • The taxi driver notifies them on arrival for pick up. 

Other details of functionality such as scheduling a ride, in app chats etc. are available within the app. This, however, may depend on the quality of the Uber Clone app that you have purchased. 


  • The Driver downloads the app and then logs in to it using their social media account like Facebook, Gmail or even with the help of a registration form. After logging in, the driver must create a profile. This profile will have details such as their driving license number, the number of their vehicle, the make and model of the vehicle and so on and so forth. 
  • Now when the driver is ready to accept jobs, they can simply turn their availability as on in the app and if there are any riders looking for a ride within the pre decided radius of action, then they will get a job request. 
  • The Driver is free to accept or reject the jobs. 
  • IF accepted, the driver can go to the mentioned pick up location to start the trip. If rejected, the request bounces on to the next driver in the vicinity. 
  • After the completion of the trip the driver can be paid via the in app wallet feature or may even be paid using cash. 
  • The driver and rider can both rate each other based on their experience of the ride. 

If you wish to start your own online taxi booking business with the help of an app like Uber also known as the Uber Clone app. You might want to purchase the cloned app only from a reputed white label on demand mobile app development company with at least 8 to 9 years of experience in building and launching on demand apps. Make sure that you take a thorough test of the app before you put in your money towards it.