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If you have been waiting for the right moment to start your own on demand taxi booking business with the Uber Clone app, here are a few things that you absolutely must know!

But before we get right down to it, let us briefly talk about what the Uber Clone app is all about and how we can develop it into a successful business. So, basically, the Uber clone app is exactly like the Uber app in a lot of ways, except it is enhanced to make sure that it meets the business requirements of small to large business enterprises. 

With the popularity of this business model, many business owners want to have their own app-based platform to digitize their taxi service. With the help of an app designed after Uber, the taxi business can be easy and enjoyable. 

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What enhancements are we talking about?

Enhancements are essentially add-ons that support and facilitate the growth of a business regardless of its size and region. Today, in this blog we will attempt to talk about 6 of the top features that you must add or look for in your own Uber Clone app. 

So, without any more ado, let us get right down to it. 

1. Ability to use local language

There is no denying that Uber is a very popular app and originated in the United States of America. However, after a point in time when they continued to expand across the globe, they understood the importance of adding local languages in the app so that more people in different regions could use it. This is why this is a very important enhancement in the app. 

If you are developing your own on demand taxi booking app, or purchasing a readymade on demand Uber Clone app, then you must make sure that the development team has added the language integration aspect so that local users can enjoy your services as well. 

2. Ability to transact in your own currency

While most developers develop a fairly workable model of the Uber clone app, it is important that your users have the option of transacting in the app with their own currency. You don’t want people to have to continuously convert their transactions into dollars every time they take a ride. 

Also, if you have big expansion plans (or even if you are unsure at the moment) you must have room to add multiple currencies in the app. The user should be able to select the currency in which they want to transact and then take the ride. 

3. Owning the Source Code

While this isn’t as much of an enhancement as it is a necessity, it is very important that you don’t overlook it. Most people who plan on starting their own on demand taxi booking business based on the Uber Clone app don’t realize that without the source code of the application, they don’t completely own it. 

This is why it is important that when you purchase the Uber Clone app from a white label on demand mobile app Development Company, you most definitely get the source code. What’s more, since an app is essentially a string of codes, when you purchase the app what you are paying for is actually the code structure and not just the front end. This means that getting the source code should not be chargeable. 

4. Real Time Tracking

This goes without saying that a taxi booking app is definitely incomplete without a real-time tracking feature. Make sure that the Uber Clone app you get has a real-time tracking feature. For the most part, Google Maps works perfectly in most countries, but if you find that the region that you are planning to launch the app in does not support Google Maps as much, you should speak to the development team and get the map that works integrated in your app. 

5. In App Wallet

The whole point of having a mobile app to book taxis is that it makes payment that much more convenient. Especially during the pandemic times, when people wish to minimize contact with each other as much as possible, it is important to have cashless transactions as an option. 

The in-app feature, however, should not be a compulsion, but a choice. While digital advancements have taken over the world, there is still a possibility that people aren’t accustomed to using it just as well, so if people wish to use cash, they should be able to do just that. 

6. Keep the latest innovations in mind

Technology is developing every single day. When you purchase an Uber Clone app, you must take a long, hard look at the current market trends, the features that are making more headway in the present business situation and how your app sits in the business structure. 

This should be approached in two steps. The first step is to do adequate market research in order to identify the innovations that are relevant to your business. The next step is discussing your findings with the development team. Suppose you have approached a good and reliable white label on demand mobile app Development Company. In that case, they should be able to guide you expertly in the right direction which will prove to be the most profitable solution for your particular business. 

In Closing

The above-mentioned enhancements might seem trivial to begin with, but they will most certainly have a huge impact on the business over time. For the most part, these Uber Clone apps developed with reputed white label on demand mobile app development companies are ready-made. So, the only way to be absolutely sure that the app has everything that you need is to make sure that you take a demo of the app before you purchase it. 

A free demo of the app should be available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. You should be able to download them on your device. Try it out from the user’s side and the driver’s side and while you are at it, make sure that you also take a look at the admin panel so that you know everything that the app has to offer. Always make sure that you have a clear line of communication with the development team so that they can guide you with their experience in the online taxi booking business.