Grab Clone App: Features and Services

The Grab Clone app is an all-in-one solution for users who frequently use on-demand services such as taxi booking, grocery delivery, food delivery, medicine, and parcel delivery. It is a powerful combination of services that users need day to day.

Moreover, with a single app download, your users can get everything they need without cluttering all of their phone’s storage.

Market Relevant Services of Grab Clone

As already mentioned, this app consists of an entire assortment of everyday use services. This will help you to get more attention from multiple users, increase your sales, and much more.

Let’s look at the various services your users can get –

Taxi booking

Under this service, your users can easily book taxis from one location to another in the city.

Apart from booking instant taxis, your users can also schedule rides, rent a taxi, and share rides. This service is similar to Uber, but it is more efficient.

Under this service, your users can track their rides, make an in-app call, send help messages via the SOS button, etc.

Food delivery 

Grab Clone app allows your users to order food online from nearby restaurants or cafes and get them delivered to their doorstep. 

In short, without stepping out of their comfort zone, users can order their food and enjoy their meals. 

Additionally, users can book doorstep deliveries, contactless delivery, or take away depending on their requirements. 

Grocery delivery 

Just like food delivery, your users can also order groceries from nearby stores and supermarkets. 

They can add all the items to the cart, check the list again, edit the cart, choose their preferred mode of payment and delivery, and much more. 

Also, Grab Clone app users can track their orders in real-time, give feedback, and mark the store as a favorite as well. 

Parcel delivery 

Your users can send parcels from one location to another in the city. They can send furniture, books, documents, construction materials, and much more to one or more locations. 

To book the cargo vehicle, the user needs to select the item type, add the address of the recipient, and also provide OTP to the driver to start the task. 

Medicine delivery

With a Grab-like app, your users also get the convenience of ordering medicines from nearby pharmacies. 

They can upload their prescription on the app, choose the medicines they want from the pharmacy, and proceed with making the payment.

In short, your users don’t need to drive all the way to a pharmacy, stand at the billing counter, or wait in traffic to get the medicines they want. 

Useful Features of the Grab Clone App

Apart from multiple services, this stellar application also incorporates various features as well. Take a look – 

Face ID/Fingerprint Login 

Users can use the biometric authentication system to log into the application. This saves them a lot of time and effort required to remember usernames and passwords. 

Moreover, the feature adds more security to the user app. 

Live tracking 

Live location tracking helps users to track any order they place on the Grab Clone app. 

They can see the location of the service provider on the application. 

In Conclusion: 

Dear entrepreneur, if you are looking for a business opportunity that can help you make more profits, the Grab Clone app is the best way to go forward. 

Take the demo app trial and look at all the services and features you want. Purchase the app only if you think it is best for your business and is capable of boosting your profits!