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Give New Wings to Your Multi Service Business like Gojek in Cambodia

The world of apps is practically dominating any and all kinds of business today. If you have a business, chances are, you need an app to help your representation of it. This is perhaps because today most people own a smartphone. Whether it is android or iOS, people can rely on their smart handheld devices which have long transcended the simple role of making phone calls and moved on to becoming a business and lifestyle hub. This is also probably the biggest reason why more and more people rely on their smartphones for their everyday requirements, whether it is clicking pictures, sending emails, using business apps for their conveniences, filing tax returns, booking movie tickets, making restaurant reservations or hiring service providers from an app like Gojek in Cambodia. So, how will you run multi service business like Gojek successfully?

What is an app like Gojek?

If you are an entrepreneur looking to make something of your own in the on demand service sector, chances are that you already are familiar with Gojek. Gojek is an app that was originated in Indonesia. IT was started as a bike taxi booking app which would allow users to book rides instantly on bikes. It was an absolutely successful business model because this would allow people who couldn’t see any bike taxis around to locate and book bikes using the app, and a great source of earning and employment for people with bikes who were willing to offer rides.

This app quickly turned into quite the phenomenon because today, its scope has moved above and beyond the bike service and includes just about any kind of service like on demand beautician, on demand massage therapist, food delivery etc.

Creating your own Multi Service App?

As people are turning leaf over leaf in the realms of technology, there is no surprise when they expect seamless experience in using applications. Instead of having to download multiple apps and painstakingly registering into each one of them, a multi services app like Gojek enables people in Cambodia to have a single application that helps them hire and book any kind of service that they like.

There are 4 major components to a well made Gojek Clone app that can be successful in Cambodia. Let us identify these components and explain each of them in detail.

  1. Taxi

The first and the foremost component of the Gojek clone app is the taxi element. This part of the app must allow users to book taxis. Now instead of keeping two entirely separate sections for bike taxis and ordinary taxis, the app should be such that it allows users to put in their pick up and drop location and then select from the list of type of taxis (including bikes, hatchbacks, luxury sedans and SUVs) based on their budget and the number of people traveling.

  • Parcel Delivery

This is a very useful component of the app. Adding this to a live business in Cambodia will ensure that the maximum number of people use it and thereby end up making you rich. This feature essentially allows users to send across parcels (could be in the form of letters, documents, items, house appliances, any type of item) from one place to another within a specified area instantly. This feature too should allow users to select the type of vehicle they wish to send the parcel is based on the dimensions of the item.

  • Store Based Delivery

This section essentially allows the users to shop items as well as get them delivered to their doorstep. Options entailed within this feature will include sections like on demand food delivery from restaurants, on demand grocery delivery from grocery stores, on demand pharmacy item delivery from medical stores, on demand alcohol delivery from liquor shops, on demand baked goods delivery from bakeries etc.

  • Service Provider

Finally, this section of the application should deal with the various kinds of services that a user may require on a daily basis. The app should allow users to identify the service that they need, click on it and find a list of service providers along with their rates to be able to make an informed booking. Services that can be included within this section should include on demand plumber, electrician on demand, doctor on demand, car wash on demand, tutor on demand, maids on demand, beautician on demand, massage therapist on demand, chiropractor on demand and so on and so forth.


The only way to ensure that your business can take on a new flight towards success is to ensure that you provide it with the wings of a multi service app like Gojek in Cambodia. Ensure that you only select an app that has all the features that will facilitate the growth and success of your business. Do a quick survey of the market to identify if you have any competitors and if you do, what is the kind of customer loyalty that they already have. You will then have to create and establish a marketing strategy to attract your target audience. If you have the right app and can proceed carefully in the market, you will surely find the success that you are looking for in Cambodia.

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