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Nigeria has the largest population in Africa. Home to some 186 million people, the lack of a proper transport system makes the country look chaotic with people running around trying to go about their daily business in the best way possible. That is why when Uber was launched in this country in 2014, the residents felt that there was now some efficiency in the way they conducted their business because commuting made much easier. Since its launch, one million Nigerians had already used Uber within two years. The number was growing and that is when developers decided to look a closer look at how they could best milk this opportunity of supply and demand. Not only developers, many startups, entrepreneurs were thinking along the lines of getting an app that talks, walks and thinks like Uber because they realized that taxi apps like uber were going to stay in Nigeria.

A recession had also taken a toll on this vast African country and people were looking for jobs for survival. Many people thought of using their cars to ferry people to earn a loving– however, a smarter way of doing this was also indeed a welcome thought.

Smart Entrepreneurship

There is no doubt whatsoever that the one business that will definitely thrive in Nigeria is the taxi industry. Taxi drivers in this country make around N25,000 daily whilst the owners of on demand taxis make N14,000 on a daily basis, that too after all expenses, gas costs and driver rates paid. To earn this sort of income just from an app is indeed a very easy way of earning quick money.

If you introduce a very unique concept and riding experience that no other taxi app like uber is offering. That way, clients attract to your taxis because they are getting that extra that they are not getting anywhere else.

Create taxi apps like uber that will Rock the Taxi Industry in Nigeria

Think of that unique concept that no taxi business has. Remember the idea should also be one that is a necessity for the commuters. What can you offer that others are not offering? A coffee for every client? Airport rides only? Two rides for the price of one?

Make sure that you research well. You also need to address competition because once they see the success of your business, you can bet that they will try and outsmart you using your idea. It is also important that you too capitalize on the loopholes their business has so you get clients in throngs.

Once you have your idea, look for a good developer who will give you value for money.

Developer provides you the basic app with all the usual features like:

Real-time tracking

This feature will allow your users to track the movement of the cabs in real time over a map. The users can see the exact location of where the Cab is and the driver can see exactly where the Rider is.


This feature allows exact pinpointing of the location of where the pickup and drop need to be. The map will show the exact route to the location that needs to be reached.

Automated payment

The app should allow you to ensure that the process of the payment is absolutely seamless and automated. This means the app should allow for credit or debit card payments along with an in-app wallet. However, the app should also definitely provide the option of making a cash payment in case the user doesn’t want to use a Credit card, debit card or even in-app wallets.

Then see what else you can get extra at no extra cost. These things include licenses and other legal formalities, launching taxi apps like Uber, configuring on your server, support, customization like language and currency, security features etc.

How important is getting the source code for taxi apps like Uber?

The source code of the application is the blueprint for it. This means it is what the entire application is made of. The coding is responsible for the behavior of the application, how it acts, how it reacts, what features it has and so on and so forth.

Now when you buy the application, you might like it just as it is. However, with time, the requirements might change. You might find that your app is extremely successful and you need to scale it accordingly to accommodate more customers.

Or you might find that you are going wrong in some places and therefore you have to make certain changes in the app. You might want to add new features or new flow to attract more and more users to start using your application.

In that case, you will require the source code. If you have the code, you can hire any local developer to make the changes for you. It will be very easy for them to look at the coding and simply add the codes to the features that you require.  

rider and driver app

The first step to buying any application is to undertake an adequate amount of research. That is where everything begins. The research will allow you to study the real behavior of the app and to understand and speculate on the changes that you want on the basic app right at the outset.

Once you have researched and decided who you will give your business to, it is time to take action. Get your app according to your specific requirements and you can start earning in as little as seventy-two hours. Isn’t that the quickest time for any business to take off? Get your taxi apps like Uber today and smarten the way Nigerians travel.