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We are living in a next-gen era, where two types of behavior have been noted –Internet frenzy and On-demand shopping. On-demand mobile apps are the amalgamation of these two elements. Today’s generation has grown up in the Internet era. “Get everything from the comforts of the home” is their new mantra.  This generation next is more comfortable with the digital space. Thus, enterprises across the globe are coming up with revolutionary changes in their product offerings and the latest to join in On demand taxi app.

The world is moving towards digitizing businesses. Enterprises are adopting sales strategies where the customers can get their demand immediately fulfilled.

Uber is a great example that enterprises across the globe are following. Uber has reached almost every corner of the world and prospered like anything. In this blog, explore the workflow plan and the development of the Uber Clone App in detail.

Uber Clone App – The Work Flow Plan For Your Taxi Business

Requesting the taxi

The user will download the app. Sign up and register with it. The app will show the search bar to feed in the pickup location.

Based on the location, the app will show the estimated fare for each vehicle category, including the selection of vehicles like Basic, Car-pool/share ride, or luxury.

Notifying the driver

Once the user sends the request, it is sent to different drivers in the proximity.

The driver accepts the ride request. The driver’s info is sent to the rider.

Details of the ride

The app provides the estimated time to reach it along with other details like driver name, car model, and ratings. The rider can track the ride in real time via Uber Clone App.

Payment process

When the trip is completed, the rider will either pay cash or have already paid through a secured payment gateway using the in-app payment process.

Feedback and ratings

The user will provide feedback and ratings based on the overall riding experience and using the app. Moreover, the drivers can also rate their experiences with the riders.

The Uber Clone App Development Process

Every entrepreneur has different taxi app requirements. Ideally, the first step of the process is to gather all the requirements and provide them with a rough idea about the development and the cost.  Based on the brainstorming done, the Uber Clone App Development Process begins.

It is recommended that the basic model, MVP, be started, as it will have essential features. Once you have built this Uber MVP Clone App and launched you will have better clarity about the app response. You can, later on, proceed with more advanced features.

If you study the Uber app you will notice that Uber equally focuses on their driver’s welfare too. Thus, it is important to implement a similar strategy in terms of driver-friendly features in your Uber Clone  App. The development process includes adding:

uber clone app

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design plays a vital role in making your app successful. Also, it contributes to a good portion of the Uber Clone App development costs. Therefore, while designing an app like Uber, you must have an engaging app that provides a pleasant experience to users.

A good design is all about clarity and simplicity. Provide your users with the same and see your app popularity soaring.

Registration and Profile                                           

It’s the basic necessity that every app needs to have. This also helps in keeping track of your user base. Giving your users an option to log in through social media or email can help you reach a wider customer base for your Uber Clone App.

Additionally,  offering them ratings and feedback, and in-app call/chat support helps you identify the problems with the service quality. Thus, it will help you improve your company’s reputation.

Geolocation Feature Service

Uber Taxi Clone App is about traveling from one destination to another. Thus, having a geo-location feature is more than necessary. It is a feature that tracks down the accurate location on a real-time basis.

Thus, this feature allows the driver and the user to track the location on a real-time basis.

Also, integrate your Taxi Booking App with 3rd party APIs or Google Maps where the user can pinpoint the map and the driver will be there to pick you up using Google Maps. When the driver is following the tracks, it is Google Maps that highlight the directions.

uber clone

In-app Payment Processing

Payment processing via in-app is another crucial factor of your Uber Clone.

The App development company that you are approaching will already be partnered with several payment gateways that accept online payments. If you are unable to find the one you want, you can ask the app development team to install it for you.

The foremost thing to make sure of is to integrate a secured payment gateway so your user’s financial data is not compromised. Thus, it is important to meet the PCI compliance requirements to process your credit card requirements. Therefore, you must partner with a reliable Mobile App Development Company for this project.

A payment gateway should be easy to use and ensure quick user data extraction.

Communication is an essential part of your customers – SMS feature, and Push-notification can help them notify them about important announcements to keep your users updated.

Apart from that, your app can be integrated with safety features like face mask verification, restricted passenger limits, safety checklists, ride cancellations, safety feedback, and ratings.


Especially when you are starting new, it is reasonable to develop an MVP Uber Clone App – develop a native app rather than a hybrid. There is a significant difference in framework, architecture, coding, and many other aspects.

Schedule a consultation with a competent mobile app development company in India to get a competitive Uber Clone App developed.

The Mobile App Development Company in India will give you an accurate projection of the cost and time taken to build an on-demand taxi booking app. The expert app development team will customize the app requirements suiting your business thus making it easy and quick to launch your Uber Clone App in just 5 days.